Tuesday, September 29, 2009



It's been such a busy week - we're working very hard to make this a special event for all of you. As our dedicated readers, we've decided to share the exclusive event details with you, so you know what's happening and when.

Click Here to download the PDF

xoxo Liz & Vanessa

Monday, September 28, 2009

D.E.V.A on Day Time!

We are excited to announce our TV interview with Rogers Daytime this Wednesday! Tune in at 11am on your local Rogers channel. (We will post the video for all our international Devas)

We will discuss the event, D.E.V.A and our partnership with Vita Centre - it's all about giving back to our community. Show some support, and let us know how we do :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Miss My My Exfoliating Fluid DAY 1

OK so its 12:05 am and I'm about to try Miss.MyMy's exfoliater which contains pure water, AHA, glycolic and lactic acids - all the good stuff lol! Its so hard to believe this is a exfoliator because it has no paricals in it what so ever. Its a pure liquid and clear in color. But we'll see...

12.10 am

Wow ladies. Within 3 seconds of rubbing the product on my face in a circular motion, my dead skin is crumbling up on my face. This cannot be real. I have been playing around with scrubs and exfoliators for over 10 years and have never seen anything like this.

2 minutes later....

I've washed it off. Ok my skin feels like my baby boy's bottom. Soft and silky. I will be recording the results for the next week.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

D.E.V.A Day Addition: Analysis in Hair

We are so blessed to announce the addition of Analysis in Hair at the D.E.V.A Day Brunch!

Attendees can sit back and enjoy a full hair style, and receive a 20% discount off your first treatment at Analysis in Hair.
Located in Mississauga Ontario, this multicultural salon specializes in creating and maintaining healthy hair - which we all know is important!

Their team of dedicated professionals offer services that include: skin weft hair extensions (not offered at many salons), barbering, dreadlocks & twists and Miss MyMy lace fronts and weaves.

If you're looking for expert consultation, or advice on how to wrap your hair, visit the Analysis in hair booth at the D.E.V.A Day Brunch. For more information, please visit Analysis in hair

Saturday, September 19, 2009

D.E.V.A Day Addition: Miss MyMy


We are proud to announce the following additions to the D.E.V.A Day Brunch: Miss MyMy, Mary Kay, Arbonne, Tingling Counseling Services and Pink Lady Mobile Spa! WOW...it's going to be an amazing event!

We meet the owner of Miss MyMy, Miss Maya King, on Tuesday. From the moment we walked in we thought, WOW, such an amazing space. The showroom was adorned in all white paint and furniture, a private salon area for clients, and life size canvases of Miss MyMy herself.

Miss MyMy specializes in Organic Hair and uses her own shampoos, conditioners and serums. For all the Cityline lovers, Tracey Moore is wearing hair from Miss MyMy! I said to myself the other day, "wow, Tracey's hair looks real good."

Before we left, we were given samples of My's Skin Care Exfoliating Fluid - made up of mostly water, the fluid includes all the necessary ingredients for a gentle, yet effective exfoliation: Glycolic, AHA and Lactic acids. So far, an amazing product. We will post our results (yes, photos of us with no make up!) each day, so please stay tuned for that.

For all our toronto visitors, Miss MyMy is located on 19 Jutland road in Etobicoke. For more information on Miss MyMy and her products/services, please visit: www.missmymy.com

Stay Fabulous!
Liz & Vanessa

Monday, September 14, 2009

D.E.V.A Interview Part I and Part II


We've uploaded the interview portion from NIFTY Christian to our blog for your convenience. Have a listen, and don't forget to add your comments. This is our first radio interview...how did we do? Add your reactions below, at the end of the post.

Courtesy of N.I.F.T.Y Christian Radio Show

Liz and Vanessa

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A few of you ladies have been asking, and we finally received the professional shots from Sway Magazine! We're so excited, and blessed to be given this opportunity, and would like to thank Melissa from knexxion PR, Miesha Robinson, Nicole Stiletto and Ashlea from Revolver Photography for making this all happen!

Don't forget to pick up the October issue of Sway feat. D.E.V.A late September.

xoxo Liz & Vanessa

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday Tyra revealed the realness of her hair; no tracks or laces. We all know Tyra is famous for her weaves and lace fronts, and openly admits to wearing them (unlike most celebrities). She looks great, and the D.E.V.A ladies applaud her for breaking down barriers, and encouraging women to love themselves. She's a True D.E.V.A!

As India Arie said, "I am NOT my hair". We as women define who we are by our clothes, hair, luxury cars and coach bags - but we are so much more! Character counts.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teen D.E.V.A

Hello little Ms.Lady,

It is back to school time and the ladies at D.E.V.A are advising you to keep things simple and classic. Nothing in-your-face or over the top. Be trendy, but don't look like a trend CHASER.

Look out for our "Little D.E.V.A Lady" workshop coming early winter 2010. This is going to be an amazing day for young woman ages 14 - 24 Don't miss it.

Here, we have put together our chosen picks for fall 2009. Enjoy, and remember to ALWAYS believe in the D.E.V.A in you!

Fringe Boots - western and boho looks both benefitted from fringed details this fall

Gloves - not just for freezing cold weather, they are a must have statement necessity

Capes - The floaty capelet matches up with the half gloves.

Heart's Desire - Coach legacy lip gloss charm $58

Mascara - Cover Girl's latest mascara, LashBlast length $7 at a drug store near you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The D.E.V.A Day Brunch is almost a month away - wow, how time flies. We have an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers:

Step 1: purchase your ticket at devainyou.myevent.com
Step 2: e-mail me (info@devainyou.com) your friend's full name, and e-mail address
Step 3: a discounted invoice will be sent to your lucky friend!

*offer is only valid for advanced tickets (purchased before October 3, 2009) only.

We're 50% sold ladies - this event WILL SELL OUT.

Purchase your tickets at devainyou.myevent.com or purchase a ticket from the D.E.V.A Ladies:

Liz - 647.338.2107
Vanessa - 416.897.9950