Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G.O.D - Girl's of Destiny Workshop / Brunch

Girl's of Destiny Brunch
is a motivational & self awareness workshop for young women ages 12 - 19

There will be 5 speakers at this event:

Louise Fox - Manners On The Go! (table and social etiquette)
Gloria McLeod - Analysis in Hair (hair care and techniques)
Ruth & Jaime - Sexual Warfare (teen talk)
Sandra Jones - Destiny's Child (girl talk)
Ibrahim Downey - Stand Up ( real talk)

The D.E.V.A ladies believe in the importance of supportive communities in the positive development of young people. We want Girl's of Destiny to
acknowledge and embrace their gifts and build them up to be leaders.

Let's come together and help these young women become the women G.O.D created them to be.

There will only be 70 tickets and we would like to sponsor 30 girl's who are
not able to attend for personal reasons (most likely financially) We are asking you to consider sponsoring a couple young women or a table of 6 ($25each) at $150.

Even if you can sponsor one young girl which would only cost $25…please do so. We have chosen 4 community centres in the projects of GTA to sponsor these 30 girls from. Please consider it. I myself was born and raised in the projects (St.Jamestown / Regent Park)and know first hand the feeling of not being able to attend these type of community events. This is why i have chosen the community centre right in my home town to sponsor some of these girls from. There will be three pick up and drop off points where we have arranged a driver to pick up these young ladies from.

Proceeds will be donated to Vita Center. An organization that educates and
supports parenting and pregnant youth.
If you are able to sponsor a table of 6 we will add your name or company
logo to the event flyer

Even if you do not have a teen daughter, please do not ignore this email.
There must be a young lady you can either forward this email to or offer a
purchased ticket to on your behalf.

The DEVA ladies are REAL women, with a REAL story, that want to help REAL

Please contact us direct to sponsor a young lady or a table of 6 girl's.
Vee Clarke (outreach coordinator) 416-857-9951

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have you stuck to your "New Year" Resoloutions....so far?

Well we (Vanessa and i) will start by saying, "thank you all for the support you have given us through "09"Ok, so we really want to hear from you. As the new year is well on its way, we are sure you have all made some promises and goals you would like to achieve for 2010. One for sure might be "The Gym" as i have worked in the fitness industry myself, i know how busy it gets for the month of Jan, however by Feb, it dies down. Yeah sad to say, but true.

To be honest Vanessa and i have not made any resolutions outside of doing the best we can as mothers to our children and to be the best we can be as "women"

Well we did say we will give "no energy" away to petty things and (oops have to say it) people. Outside of that we will just continue to reach for the stars, succeed and put our all into helping others and supporting one another.

But, please comment below on what your goal is for this year or what you promised to stop doing or to do! Not only tell us, but be honest on how well you have done so far. We are only 12 days into Jan but hey just be honest and do not be shy about it (if you have quit already)

Thank you DEVA's and stay tuned for next week's blog on "G.O.D - Girl's of Destiny Workhop/Brunch"
Now go ahead and tell us.........:-)))