Thursday, February 25, 2010

Church or Cult? How Do I Recognize A Cult?

I have been boggling my head and going crazy researching and trying to find answers to this question. What is a cult and do they really exist? I'm getting closer and closer to finding answers and details. I guess the "niave girl" in me refuses to believe that there are such people or churches out there programming as a "cult" Could this really be real?

After experiencing horrific experiences personally in the past 7 months, i have come to the conclusion that this is real!! People of God, please keep your spiritual eyes OPEN. After great research, this is the shortest and best description i have come up with the question- How do i recognize a cult?

How Do I Recognize A Cult?

Practically every cult has certain characteristics that can tell the careful observer that something is wrong.

For instance, what does a group think about Jesus? Jesus Christ is God, Lord of all, the only source of salvation. Invariably, a cult will put something else on an equal footing with Christ. It will have a ritual that is equal to Christ, or it will have a doctrine equal to Christ, or it will have a leader who is equal to Christ. In other words, even if it acknowledges Christ as Savior, it will say that you need something else before you can get into heaven. Cults teach that salvation comes through Christ, plus their little unique way. Some cults do not acknowledge Christ at all. They may make Him coequal with their religious teachers or with certain great men of history. The quickest way to recognize a cult is by its treatment of Jesus.

Second, cults frequently attempt to instill fear into their followers. The followers are taught constantly that salvation comes only through the cult. "If you leave us, you will lose your salvation," they say.

The third area has to do with the exaltation of the leader of the cult. Cults often center around a man or woman who is trying to gain power, money, or influence from manipulating people. A true leader who serves Jesus Christ has one goal, and that is to exalt and manifest Jesus. When someone says he has unique insight into God or is the special one that God has anointed to reach the world, you are dealing with cultic behavior. A true leader lives off of and speaks the TRUTH. Anything outside of Gods word is not tolerated. A true leader of Christ speaks the truth to expose the lies.

A final mark of a cult is the unwillingness of the leaders to let the people grow up. A true shepherd will do everything he can to bring Christian people to maturity as quickly as he can. He will not seek to avoid necessary teaching, nor will he try to keep people from maturity. Many cults perpetuate spiritual dependence so that their followers lose the ability to make independent, rational decisions. Often techniques of brainwashing are used to create robot-like behavior. (wow)

Although there are other marks of cultic behavior, these seem to be the ones that stand out.

For those of you who are as confused as iam. Please visit A very reputable website that can answer many of your questions.

It is not a game out here my people. Look around you. Keep your eyes open and please be sure of the people leading your children. Teachers, daycare assistants, ministers, pastors, bishops, officers, friends...ask God to show you who is who. Because he always WILL! Listen to his voice and go with your heart ALWAYS!

I have seen enough betrayal out here to write a book on "Betrayal" All in Gods KINGDOM.

Please feel free to comment.

Love you all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Nurse, Provider, Referee, Chef, Chauffeur...A Hero!

I became a single mother pretty much when my now 17 year old son was still in diapers. When i say single mother i mean two things, one- not married and two - his dad was in and out. By that time, 1990's being a single mother was a common thing. It was "almost" excepted... Outside of those finger pointing folk of course and some quite influential. Who, saw us as child neglecting, not worthy, poor and selfish. They saw our children as disturbing, loud, mis-behaved, and dysfunctional. That in my eyes is and was a bunch of nonsense. Many single mothers are caring, sensitive, hard working, capable and loving. Most of their kids turn out just fine. My son is a living testimony to this. With people like these "finger pointing folk" it only makes for many mothers and their kids an already difficult situation all more difficult.

If we think we are looked at as monsters to these individuals, just think of how difficult it was in the 1930's and 1940's for women raising their children as single mothers. The discrimination and hardships they endured were heart breaking. I don't have any family members that were single mothers then. My father and mother were the first to break that flow when they divorced back in the 1980's. However i have read about and heard many personal stories from much older women about being a single a mother back then,

But even now in 2010 women are dealing with the same old misconceptions and criticisms that have haunted single mothers and their children for many decades.

Now of course laws and attitudes affecting sinlge families are better today then in the past. But they are still facing hardships and discriminations.....and sadly still do not get the credit they deserve.

It is interesting though that when men are raising their children as "single dads" they are praised and looked as "An awesome father, strong, responsible, caring...and many times a KEEPER (in the eyes of women)" Hmmmm think about how true this is.

I personally think it is time for us to truly look into the souls of these women and what is there. Strength, beauty, perserverance, A WOMAN, A MOTHER.

Let's start talking about the heartening and timeless truths about single-mothers and not about how she became a single mother. Wether by chance or by choice, we are doing the hardest job on earth-alone. For most of us we are doing it very well. with prayer, love, faith, grace and integrity. Its time to give single mothers the praises they deserve. Afterall a child is a blessing.

Call up a single mother today and tell her she is A HERO!

Chosen Single Mother of The Month:

The Late Ann Duham who sent a message to all single moms today that even if we are left to raise our child alone, they can become something great one day. She is the Kansas born late mother of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA.

If you are a single mother, please comment on your road to SUCCESS :-))