Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pamper YOU so that YOU can Pamper OTHERS!

Ladies, take the time to promote your well being and find total relaxation.

I made a brave choice last week to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, for a woman who loves chocolate and treats, this was not an easy choice to make. I will admit, yes i do go to the gym about 4 days a week however that never stopped my sweet tooth. This thing had a mind of its own...or so i thought it did. LOL!

I made this choice after my sister Suzie decided to compete in September for a fitness competition. She has always been a fitness junky but never took the eating part of it serious. So the truth is, we work out to maintain an average figure but we were never willing to give up the gormet chocolate chip cookies and donuts :-)

Well she made the decision to start a healthier eating plan as well, only hers is NOT what i would advise anyone to do. No gravies, no sauce, no sugar what so ever, no treats, no fruits (their high in sugar) pretty much just stop eating LOL!

But, it was my sisters choice to compete that inspired me to change my eating habbits all together.

Let me tell you, it feels amazing. I have NOT eaten any treats in over a week. I'm now baking instead of frying. Using peanut oil instead of regular oil. And substituting salt with other seasonings. Eating "Ezekial Bread" instead of white or whole wheat, and real brown rice instead of white rice. Honey instead of sugar. I'm also up to 3 litres of water a day and taking my fish oils, seaweed, multi and B's regularly.

If i get hungry after 7pm i have a hand full of corn nutsm cashews or peanuts. If that does not cut it, i will have lemon water or fruit.

For me this was not easy however i'm getting the hang of it and i feel AMAZING!

Let's face it. We, as women (most of us) tend to care for the outer more then the inner. But what good will the outer do if the inner is not doing to well? A healthy lifestyle starts with our eating habbits and grows from there. If we feel good about our health then we somehow get the energy to care for our mind and physical body as well.

The second part of "Pampering YOU" is our time for relaxation.

What are you doing to relax? Don't tell me shopping or takes energy to do these things and i know when i'm shopping i'm NOT relaxed. LOL!

Take a hot bath with aroma scented candles all over the tub or the bathroom. Dim the lights down. Turn off all t.v's, music (unless its spa music) put the kids to bed and make sure you are not rushing your time spent in the tub. If you do not like taking baths, go for a swim in a "no children allowed" pool.

Look at beautiful things. Sceneries, children, animals etc. Change your desktop image into a beautiful picture. Do a google image search on landscapes. Best thing ever! Laugh out loud, and the world will think you're crazy. Let them! It will relax them too! Read love stories or comedy books. Read national geographic or magazines about far away places. No DRAMA pages! lol. Breathe deeply. Listen to classical music. Go for a walk EVERYDAY. Even if it is 10 minutes. Delete all the emails in your inbox. Tidy your room and make your bed so it’s clean when you go to sleep. Open up windows and let fresh air in. Head down to the beach and walk in the shallow water. Go to a lake and skim rocks on the surface. Go to your local botanic gardens where there are lots of colorful flowers. Get off the computer and relax your eyes. Go to bed early. Buy some comedy movies and relax on the couch with a blanket. Pack a picnic, get in the car and drive to a new outdoors spot. Drink a cup of plain hot water a day (old Chinese method of healing)Do a painting or drawing of your home. Study a topic you have a deep interest in but which doesn’t relate to work. Light some healing and relaxation incense. Stop wasting so much time on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter unless its 100% business related. Dance (even if you don'y know how) Pick up a hobby you have neglected.
Or simply DO NOTHING. Just ReLAX!

Now that you have many ways to relax. Start your own list and add what you feel is best suited for your needs. Try and pick 2 things out of your list to do twice a week. Trust me this works ladies & gents. If you feel you can do it, choose one for each day. This will make a huge difference in your mind, body and soul.

Of course my favourite way to "SELF-PAMPER" is the SPA! Oh yes am i ever a sucker for the spa. I could not wait to put this blog up and tell you all about "The Pillar and The Post" The pictures you see above were taken shortly after Mother's Day on my visit to this amazing Spa in Niagara On The Lake. Ladies if you have not been there, you MUST go. Try and go the night before your your booked services so that you can enjoy a nice breakfast in a relaxed dimed lounge before you meet your personal esthetician.

I have had many facials but nothing like this. I promise you, you will NOT want to leave.

I know with raising families, children, and everyday expenses, it can be hard to save enough money to pay for a couple hours at a spa but ladies i encourage you to try cutting out fast foods and other expenses that have nothing to do with your well being in order to pamper yourself. A spa is NOTHING like the little nail places we go to for our nails (hey i LOVE those shops too) A spa is where you go and literally allow others to pamper you while you do nothing but close your eyes and listen to beautiful spa music playing in the background.

Please visit their website and book a day to visit. There are many affordable packages.

Ladies, LOVE YOURSELF! The more tender, love and care we put into ourselves is the better we will care for others. No matter how old you are, it is never to late to put YOU FIRST!

Oh just before i go. I read something online last night that was a pointer to help us to relax and boyy ohhh boy i wish i read this a few months ago (wink wink)
Sounds funny BUT so true.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Dearest!

Ms.Special Lady

I figured since this is a special weekend for us moms, i would send out a personal email to all of you.

Many of our women in this group are mothers and of course we all have a mother, be it here or away resting in peace :-)

I pray that you are smiling, relaxing and being pampered this weekend. If not by a partner or the kids, then by YOU! Do something special for you too this weekend.

The main purpose of this weekend is to show love and affection to your mother/grandmother/care giver for what she did in your nurturing. Wether that be big or small. She did the best she could do - at the time. For this we MUST be thankful.

Where most of us are now, it is because mom strived effortlessly no matter the emotional pain she felt to help us on every stage of life, and even is she made some mistakes along the way, we as mother's and daughters also learned from those very mistakes - not to repeat them. So for that we must also thank her.

What makes mom smile?

Well mom loves flowers (which lady doesnt) however there are many other goodies that will put a smile on her face:
-take her to an instant picture booth
-take her to your favourite childhood restaurant, even if it was McDonalds and tell how happy it made you when she brought you there (this is what I'm doing)
-take her for a pedicure or better yet bring her over some snacks and personally give her a mini pedi and foot rub. She will LOVE it!
-Write her a personalized letter and place it in a beautiful frame

Please do not forget your mother's day gift. This does not have to involve money. You can even go over to her place and and prepare her favourite meal or bake her favourite cake in her kitchen while she does nothing...

How about picking up her favourite tea and going over for a nice chatt while you both sip - in no rush.

Mother's are so precious and if you are one, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug because you ROCK!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

My my favourite mother's quote:
"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no LAW, no PITY, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path"Agatha Christie