Monday, November 29, 2010

Dare To Be Unique!

A few words from the Unique Ladies; Liz, Natasha & Colleen

No words could fully describe the joy in my heart after our Unique workshop took place this past Saturday November 27th.

What an amazing turnout and my oh my did we ever have a great time.

Much love to our speakers:

Colleen Blake Miller - Who Am I?

Elizabeth Correia (myself) - First & Lasting Impressions

Jackie Nugent - Connecting With Confidence

Charmaine Laine - Impressions Influenced by Image

MC - Natasha Morris

Make up Artist - Nicole Stiletto

Paulenna & Nickesha - Lasting Impressions (wardrobe)

The Panel Ladies-

They all did such an amazing job and to see the look of joy and comfort in the faces of these young women was beyond "fulfilling"

Truly this is what life is about.

How are you making a difference in this world? If your not, it is never too late.
Get out into your community and do something you love. There are tons of organizations you can volunteer for. Start NOW.

Please stay tuned for the 6 week follow up workshop sessions starting in January 2011

If you run a women's program, if you are a social worker, principal, teacher or youth counsellor and would like Unique to organize a workshop for your girls, please email us direct at

Once again, thank you to all our participants, volunteers and A HUGE HUG for the young girls who attended. You all made a difference in our lives and we hope that we have made one in yours FOREVER!

Remember girls, Dare To Be Unique!
Don't forget to join the Unique blog at

Stay tuned for many more exciting workshops.

Luv ya all

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Do You Know He Is The One?

Why is He the right man?

If there is one thing you can't say about him, is that He's evil.

He is a lover, not a fighter. He is gentle not harsh. He eases your pain, not causes it. He is love, not hate. He is does not play hard to get. Once you got Him, you got Him for life. He has the key that unlocks the door to "Your Reality"

He does not lie. He will never force you to do things out of your own will. He gives you the power of choice. When everyone gives up on you or betrays you, He never fails you. He is with you always.

He does not expect you to be perfect. He loves your imperfections and only wants you to be a better person. He will always help you to get to where you need to long as its a safe place. Although He is always the first to correct you, He does so with love.

He does not expect you to look like a model or be skinny. He only wants you to be healthy. He does not want you sleeping around because He wants to be your only man. Sex is NOT on his mind EVER. All he wants to do is hold you in His arms singing sweet words of love in your ears. He wants to wake up with you every morning of your life. He wants you to desire the same. He wants to eat with you. Drink with you and travel the world with you. He is jealous but only because He knows whats out there and that no one is better then He is. He is very protective and will always defeat your battles. He expects you to be a lady and leave the "pay backs" up to Him. You may often hear Him say "I told you so" only because He did!

He wants you to educate yourself so that no person can and will have anything over you. He wants you to be who He knows you have been called to be.

He wants nothing more than for you to respect and love Him. To put Him first before anyone else. He desires deeply for you to be faithful to Him and in return He promises you a life of love and joy.

This man will not chase you for He is confident in who He is. He is humble and expects you to use wisdom in all areas of your since He has taught you all and everything you need to know.

You can't say this man has or will ever leave you. That will NOT happen. He is the ONE you can swear for.You will be the one to walk away from Him....

Do you have a man in your life that meets this criteria?

I DO!!!! Yes i DO! He promises me all of the above and much more. It's time i really start giving Him what He deserves. Too often i take total advantage of Him for things and people that are not even worthy of Him, yet he gives me chances over and over again......I don't deserve Him BUT He calls me His princess. His beloved.

His name is Jesus!


Elizabeth Correia (Ms.Deva)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You and i may define betrayal in a different way.
I describe betrayal as any experience that produces guilt, fear, bitterness or anger. Sometimes even helplessness. The CONFUSION often comes when you want to let go.

"I mean it happened so long ago" we say to ourselves "so why am i still confused?"
We feel they did the best "they" could, so why do we feel demeaned?

How we respond to betrayal will determine how we choose to see our lives. It will be mirrored in all our relationships, jobs and will especially highlight our feelings about ourselves.

This blog is not only about being betrayed, it is also a message about betraying others.
Is betrayal a common problem in every relationship? Be it mother/daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/brother or co-workers.....

Whether our acts were accidental, deliberate or just a need, the hurt and resentment linger for years and manifest in all areas. It can even affect new relationships that have nothing to do with the prior one where betrayal took place.

What do we do?

You can rage and put yourself and others through "hell", keeping the resentment fresh with daily reminders or you can even numb the pain with denial and choose to stay in a hurting relationship acting "as if" lt were forgiven, when you know good and well you can't get the acts of betrayal out of your mind. In any case, whatever you choose, if we can't let go and truly cut all "dealings" with this person or people using and abusing you, treating you like their personal yo-yo...when they are suppose to be the ones protecting you. Let go and experience the overwhelming feeling of JOY and lightness God has set out for you.

If you do not let go, you will hold a shield over your heart, not trusting, and this will limit emotional intimacy, pure kindness and sincere love.

I tried, trust me, it can't ever be mastered, if it's not real!

This affects self esteem as well. You can be the most handsome man or most beautiful woman in the world, you will not feel like it at all. You won't even trust yourself. You will end up choosing the easiest path because "the grass looks greener on the other side" you will attract others who are also holding resentment in their hearts from prior relationships...and the both of you will clash and create thunderstorms.... and you will stir up anger and blame!!!!! You both can NOT do the whole relationship thing because neither of you have LET GO of the past!

There are things I'm learning to master. Through acts of betrayal in my life that started as a child until now, i somewhat lost myself in anger. I have done things that were not of me. I said things that not like me. I was born with love. I grew with love. I AM LOVE! Someone once told me that is why they chose me "because you teach me to love" the person said. But through this attack on my life, it brought back memories of my father and feelings of anger, hurt and sadness. I forgave my father when i was saved, but did i? I mean if this attack on my life recently made me angry at my father all over again, did i truly forgive him? My friends, there is meaning to everything that takes place in our lives.

For awhile last year, i slipped away from God. When i say that, i mean my prayer life was not the same. I went to church when i felt like it. I could not stand for church folk to talk to me and when i was asked to be apart of any church events or activity i rebelled in my own way and never communicated my feelings to the leaders. I stayed distant and did not want to have a "home church" My family and i were abused and betrayed by church folk so i could not care less for them or the house of God! I questioned everything and everyone around me. I was very BITTER and had no interest in ever trusting or LOVING again. But it did not take long before God checked ME!

I now know that trust requires faith in the basic integrity of someone. I know that there are times that we need to separate a person from his/her actions. We can be angry at their actions while still loving the being.

I recognize that LOVE and TRUST are NOT the same.

I/we can love someone but realize that we may never be able to trust again because that person can and will not change. We except this and still choose to love and forgive. God can and is able to heal all wounds but he did not promise it would be the same again for you. Not if the other individual has not given up their "selfishness" yet. God will only deliver those who want and desire deeply to be delivered. Therefore sometimes we have to worry about ourselves first. Work on you before you can work on someone else.

Incidents of insensitivity can bring strong feelings of betrayal and doubt. Yet, you know that you still love them and work towards the change in YOU....that will open up your heart to the possible return to TRUST.

Forgiveness is our best HOPE.
It is a major shift in awareness.


If you are no longer bound by anger and guilt, then it is easier to say "good-bye" without more drama.

How can we truly forgive?

Forgiveness is a word that has a different meaning to each person. The most powerful result of forgiveness is to allow the forgiver to reclaim the peace of mind that comes from letting go.
You need NOT CONDONE the action, nor deny the painful must bravely and totally acknowledge the true FACTS and experiences, in order to know that you are ready to release.

Forgiveness does NOT require having to let the betrayer back into your life. This is where most of us got it twisted. It is about releasing the feelings inside and excepting the lessons learned. We make it so difficult to ourselves by bouncing back and forth with them and our feelings.


The most difficult process is FORGIVENESS OF THE SELF.
I shoulda did this....i shoulda did that....STOP!

As we free ourselves from the shame caused by others and our own mistakes, we free ourselves.

I allowed the feelings of betrayal to prevent me from fulfilling my purpose for some time. It put a road block on the journey God was taking me on.

I have decided, i will forgive! Don't get me wrong, forgiving does not mean you will tolerate foolishness. NO! You must voice your opinion when necessary BUT you will not die in shame no longer.
Forgiving has barely anything to do with the other person. It is about releasing YOURSELF from that bondage. "Sit back and watch them. You will see. Just humble yourself and let me do what I'm doing" The Lord said to me. hmmmmmm.....

I was once filled with so much love. Gods love. When i realized i was becoming like these people...heartless and cold, i was determined to WAKE UP!

Not long ago my sister in Christ, Vanessa Wheatlle and i were in prayer and she said to me "Liz you have to let go. You are becoming like them. Cold and heartless. This is NOT you and i rebuke this our of your body NOW" I was in shock and literally started crying out to God. I WILL NOT be like them. I rather die...i said to God. My Unforgiven heart was eating me alive!

That day changed my life. Entirely. I was delivered and freed.

I'm on my way. Fulfilling my purpose and what God has called me to do.....Heal the broken, abused and confused.

My days are brighter and more meaningful.
We must pray and ask God to have mercy on us and those who are living in sin and hurting themselves.


They, themselves are hurting and know no better. They have been hurt themselves in their past before they became a betrayer. They became a product of their past.

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things i have ever had to do, this time around. I'm growing and learning that i MUST! My flesh does not desire to forgive, but my spirit and soul knows i MUST!

Forgiveness is taking me to places i never imagined.
You and i will be blessed mightily through forgiveness.

I  Am who I Am because of the abuse and betrayal i experienced and survived. I AM CHOSEN!
To get to where I AM going i had to go through this.


Love, Me

Saturday, November 13, 2010

JoyeRide Chat Group

JoyeRide Is Launching
Real Talk For Real People
Chat Group

What is JoyeRide?

JoyeRide is the start of an amazing project my partner Ernie and i have started. This vision was born a couple of years ago and nursed for some time now.

Our desire to start this group came from wanting to start a panel where individuals can speak the "Real Raw Truth" despite what was being discussed.

We have designed this group for people with a real story. Whether we are discussing relationships, careers, spirituality/religion, politics, visiting a museum or orphanage, out time together will be fulfilling and empowering.

No hidden agendas. Come as YOU ARE!

Let's discover the TRUTH about ourselves and the world we live in.

This will take place on a monthly basis. Each month end.
Our launch date is TUESDAY JANUARY 25 2011 at 7pm

We will be serving light snacks and beverages to keep you all from getting to hungry to focus lol.

THESE SESSIONS WILL BE FILMED for a project Ernie and i are currently working hard on :-)

My people it is time for us to stop the lies in our lives and the lies we have created about others through our filters.

If you are ready for "change" come out and join us.

Please RSVP at


Liz & Ernie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are NOT Victims, We are SURVIVORS!

Many of you watched the Oprah Special "200 ADULT MEN WHO WERE MOLESTED COME FORWARD"

Sadly i missed this episode, as i was at work. However, i got to watch it just moments ago, after hearing some very ignorant comments from women in regards to the victims. Tyler Perry in particular.
I admire and appreciated Tyler's candor and vulnerability, getting on national television and sharing traumatic memories could have not been easy in any way. But as he says here, HE IS NOW FREE to heal.

I am inspired by his flicks as they resemble the courage that's needed for women like you and i to realise what we are worth.

To have gone through what he did, and be where he is today tells you and i "We can do and be anything we want" It is amazing this man is where he is with all that pain and confusion in his heart and spirit. It truly is. In my eyes, he is a shining STAR!
I can imagine how light he feels to have shared this with the world...which he did not have to do.
I know the feeling.

My people this is REAL life.
How dare we be apart of the "hell" they are living in by commenting degrading words against their sexual lifestyle and what they can or can't do or what they should or should NOT do. Please my people, we have to realize that our men are not "messed" up (as most of us call it) for no apparent reason. Many of these men have been abused. Sexually, verbally or mentally. Abuse is abuse. But the sexual is one that many if NOT -MOST of these men will NOT come out with. Please see the bigger picture here and just live their life for a few seconds. Imagine the pain and courage it takes to live like this. Not knowing if you desire a man or woman. Because at such a young age, you were robbed of your innocence and what you did see and feel was NOT right. You became someone you were NOT born to be. Any person who says they were born gay is a total complete LIE!
It is a SPIRIT that was passed onto you somehow... somewhere....and make no mistake, if it is not dealt with, it will manifest through out your life in your children, siblings and possibly even your partner! It is real.
I hope and pray that this show will give the the other men who are hiding, that have been abused, the courage to get help or talk to someone. This spirit needs to be rebuked and delivered out of those of us who have been abused. It causes such deep rooted grief and pain. Most of the time we do not realize where it comes from. Many MEN are living with this dying internal pain.
When i got saved i decided to be honest about my past. My abuse. The first time i did, it was at church (Prayer Palace at the time) I can't describe in words what this did for me. I'm serious. It felt like i was 25 pounds lighter. There is a sort of healing that comes with "Being Real About Your Pain"  and speaking it out verbally and not just in your head to yourself. Its like an immediate healing that starts to take place. I use to be so ashamed about it. More so, because it was the closest person to me. Relative. My own blood. Someone who was suppose to protect me. Luckily this abuse got far but when "he" wanted to take it to another level, i fought back (i was 14 at this time) I refused to loose my virginity that way and would have fought all the way to escape, even if it meant i was going to die in his arms.  The abuse started at a very young age. I can only remember as far back as 5 or 6....and by the time i was 14 i was already starting to rebel. I left home and never returned.
Finding God was the start of my new life. I worked and worked on my forgiveness towards him and years later got to a point where i truly have forgiven him. I got to a point where i can even openly say "I know he was also sick or is sick."
When someone abuses another person; verbally, physically, mentally or is not you they are after or hate .... they HATE themselves! There is something missing within. They are living darkness and they want others, especially loved ones to feel that same pain. I know, it sounds sick and it is....but we must get to a place of forgiveness. These men who are cheating, committing sexual sin, beating their children silly, killing people, using or abusing, i hate to say this, but the truth is they are probably VICTIMS as well. This is so deep friends. So deep.
We need to get to a place of inner peace.
Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. . Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future. Forgiveness has nothing to do with forgetting... you don't have to be senile to be delivered. A wounded person cannot-indeed, should not-think that a faded memory can provide an expiation of the past. To forgive, one must remember the past, put it into perspective, and move beyond it. Without remembrance, no wound can be transcended.In a way, forgiving is only for the brave. It is for those people who are willing to confront their pain, accept themselves as permanently changed, and make difficult choices. Countless individuals are satisfied to go on resenting and hating people who wrong them. They stew in their own inner poisons and even contaminate those around them. Forgivers, on the other hand, are not content to be stuck in a quagmire. They reject the possibility that the rest of their lives will be determined by the unjust and injurious acts of another person.
I refuse to live in hatred. I refuse to be classified as a "Victim" Although I AM, i rather be known as a "Survivor" Because to be abused or used and be as strong as i am and forgiving as i be so inspired to reach the top as i am, to have the ambition i have, to have never used drugs or killed myself, to be such an amazing and loving mother, to have never lost my mind...I AM A SURVIVOR!

What we need to understand is our story is apart of who we are born to be. It forms us into the men and women God needs us to be. We are His workers.  
My PAST qualifies me to do what i do today. God has blessed me with a mighty ministry. I'm determined to help others understand this "thing"
I'm determined to bring JOY back into the lives of the lost, broken and confused. Why? Because i KNOW it is all the plan of the enemy. He wants to see us GONE not SAVED!
In helping others, i also receive the healing i need.
I'm still going through my own battles, but VICTORY is mine :-) The Lord told me so.
Claim it. Speak it. Speak healing into your life and once you are on the road to recovery, get out there and save somebody!
Now, i did not say it would be easy. Far from. But its worth the pain along the way. Your life will depend on the changes and choices you make. God has given us the "power" of choice. So let's choose to live life filled with inner peace and joy. 
Be Blessed.

My friend/business partner, Ernie and i have ventured into a new journey JoyeRide.
Together, we have started a chat group "Real Talk For Real People" that launches Jan 25 2010 7pm at 90 Absolute Drive (Burnamthorpe & Hurontario)
This is a time to come out and discuss whatever is on your heart. Let's agree to disagree; if we have too. Let's discover ourselves and the world we live in. Together, we can find TRUTH!
To join us, please email

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trade Sensation at The Last Bride Standing Bridal Show

Hello my people....

Well it has been a crazy weekend so far for myself and the team at Trade Sensation.
As some of you know the Toronto Bridal show is taking place this weekend at The Congress Centre. If you are a bride to be or have a friend who is getting married, come visit our booth at #726 Trade Sensation.

We are a ONE STOP shop wedding boutique located at 4040 Steeles Ave West. The largest wedding plaza in the GTA.

Come and enjoy the entertainment provided by The Last Bride Standing Show. It is being filmed LIVE.

It was so exciting to see these ladies standing for 56 hours. I, of course was not there for all those hours, however i was there all day and evening yesterday and this is REAL. The ladies get a 15 minute break every 3 hours and a ONE hour sleep a night. Yes that's right, you read me correctly. They looked totally out of it and apparently they have started getting catty with one another as well.

The winning prize is a $100,000 Wedding Plan Package on behalf of Le Jardin Banquet. So just imagine how hard these ladies are trying to win this prize. As a wedding planner i know that $100,000 is a great budget for a wedding. All 8 ladies (10 to begin with) seem to be under 27 year old so i assume this budget is GREAT for them.

They pretty much have to stand STILL. There are times when they can speak or move a bit, but not often. They are now on the third day and there is no deadline. They will be standing until the last women is standing. There are still 8 ladies and apparently the competition gets tougher today.

Come check it out ladies.

The fashion show was also very interesting.

Stay Devalicious Ladies

Monday, November 1, 2010

Regent Park is FRESH

I don't usually read the papers or watch the news unless I'm bored or in the mood to read about "stuff" This is what i call "Bad News"

I received a phone call a few days ago from an old friend who told me to turn on the news at 6pm. I thought to myself "Oh my Lord, which one of my old friends got murdered?" Only because that is usually the case when i get a phone call like that. But much to my surprise it was good news.

A couple of weeks ago this friend and i were conversing about the fact that there were or are no grocery stores in Regent Park, and it had been like that since childhood. We were discussing the fact that Regent Park was like a world away from the real world. A place that exists only for who lives inside. I remember as a child when i use to walk into the park i often asked my St.Jamestown friends to come along for some fun (which i always had in the park) and they would look at me like i just asked them to drink a bottle of bleech. LOL.

"Noway Liz, I'm not allowed to go to the park. My mom said its all bad people that live there"
"Huh?" I'd reply. "Ummm it's all bad people that live in James Town too. What's the difference? We are one big family"

I actually had friends who were not allowed to hang out with me because i was one of "them" LOL

Well, their parents made a good choice. I was up to no good anyway. LOL.

As i turned on City TV, much to my surprise Regent Park residents were celebrating their first ever Grocery Store "Freshco" This almost brought tears to my eyes. Why? Because why did it take so long for residents in Regent Park to have a grocery store walking distance from their homes? I mean, are they there to serve the affluent new residents, or the whole community?

What ever the reason is, I'm filled with joy to know that they now have a place they can walk to just outside of their homes and grab some fruit or milk. Last minute groceries. A place where these lower income residents can go to with a few extra dollars and buy a pack or two of meat to cook instead of purchasing fast food at the nearest "grab and go" restaurant. My heart was lifted with a feeling of joy to see the people walking in and out with smiles on their faces.

The Freshco location is clean, new, well maintained, very affordable and the staff is very friendly.
Located at 325 Parliament St, it is fresher and cheaper.

They have reported that residents from St.James Town and even further are making their way over to regent Park to shop instead of the other way around.

My people this is a reason to celebrate.

I will be sending out an email to all friends and family members this week. As i did last year, I'm collecting blankets for my fellow friends in the Regent Park area. I will be visiting them mid December with sandwich's already packed in paper bags and blankets. Please email me directly at to schedule a pick up time. I will come to you to pick up the blankets so no worries about getting them out to me.

Please take a moment to go through your collection of blankets/comforters and put one or a couple aside that a less fortunate man or woman can keep themselves warm with.

Most of us have access to meals and shelter, while these homeless individuals are out there trying to make it. Despite whether they can be out working or living better, they're not so let's come together and make a difference.

Love you all.