Monday, July 25, 2011

What A Life!

I had such an amazing weekend.

Yesterday was my house warming and it was such an phenominal day. My mother and step dad came and all the people i truly care about. We drank, ate and laughed. Broke a few glasses and Captain put on a dance show lol.

Today, i give God so much thanx for my family and friends. I have come such a far way in my life. All i ask God for is to make me the best i can be. I don't ever want to hurt people or make them angry for whatever reason. I just want to LOVE and be loved. Simple enough.

Keeno, Vanessa (his girlfriend) my brother Soni, his fiance and daughter Sophia all took Captain to the ZOO I'm home relaxing. Took me only an hour and a half to clean the house this morning. Now, I'm sitting here watching "The Kardashians" with my candles lit and smiling. I feel great.

The older i get the more i appreciate the simple things and people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Costs So Much To Be Here!

As i was driving home today, i thought to myself, "wow it costs to live."
I mean literally.

We can't even be a bum or homeless and not have bills or eat. There is no way we can possibly live on this earth without paying bills or spending money. The moment i wake up, i got bills on my mind (most of the time) Be it gas for the car, hydro, enbridge, the house, groceries, cell phone, cable, Internet, Captain's expenses, insurance; car, life and business insurance, Captains savings, my savings and believe me this list goes on. Whether you have a 2 income house hold or split-it doesn't matter. LIFE COSTS!

Why does it have to be this way? I mean why do we have to pay to breath?

Imagine the world, if it was free!!!!!!
There would be no war, no violence and no corruption and A LOT MORE happy marriages and families.

Everything is about money. ..and if it is like that now, mothers and fathers, you better be saving for your children to live and get their education. Thank God it was the first thing Captain's daddy and i did the second he came home from the hospital. Literally the next day. I don't know how much he has (his dad does all that) but I'm sure he will be okay for school.

If there is one thing i suggest you do TODAY, is call for life insurance. It does not matter how old you are GET IT!!!! If i have nothing, but i have life insurance for my kids, bills are paid and there is food in the fridge, I'm good! The kids are good and it's all good.

There is def another world out there where you live for free, but it depends on what you do here!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Summer Time!

I truly hope you are all enjoying these HOT days....because they won't last.

If you have children, get out there and enjoy them. If you are single and dating, i hope you are dating outdoors. If you are married, be the Boss Lady and make the plans. Give your hubby a break, and make a couple exciting summer plans.
Like a picnic. A weekend camping trip packed with exciting games and activities.

Whatever it is, enjoy enjoy enjoy this weather.

I know we must work hard but my friends what is the point if we are not going to play hard too.

I have been working on my new company with my sister (a lot of work) but we have also been enjoying our days and nights with our family. For instance my little bugger sister left me for 4 days to go away to the trailer with her hubby and kids. She has been sending me pics throughout the 4 days and i know she is having a great time. She deserves it. After all this work, why not? I must say tho, it is not the same without her :-(((

Captain and i have been going swimming, a couple museums, Wild Water Kingdom a few times already, visiting with family and close friends, a few birthday parties, and we are going camping the first week of Aug. I can't wait.

You know sometimes we are so hard on ourselves ladies. I have been putting in overtime at all my jobs....and I DESERVE to take a break for this summer. Every summer actually! We all do. If you are anything like me, if I'm not doing a lot than i feel useless. I feel like like I'm not doing enough and should be. You know whenever you use the word "should" it means someone else is expecting you to do something. The word "should" is not YOU! If it was you, you would be saying "i want too...or i need too." Hmmm something to think about eh?

But ladies, take some time off. I decided the summers would be my time to shine! My time to be with the kids or simply sit on my couch and have a glass of wine and watch my reality shows :-)))

Are you truly enjoying your summer?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Sooooo Alive!

I can't believe how long it has been since i have blogged. Uuum a few days. I think 5 lol.

I just want to tell you that I'M ALIVE and happy....excited and so looking forward to my future. The kids are doing amazing. The wedding planning is going great. We are so busy at the studio, and my cleaning company with my sister is going amazing. This is the main reason i have not been on here to blog. By the time i get home, I'm exhausted. I left the house this morning and came home tonight...this is how it has been for about a month now.
I can honestly say, I'm doing everything i love. Truly. I would not change a thing!

So for now....let's just say...see ya soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So Much Love!

I spent a day with my niece and nephew and sister. We swam and had a blast!

When i went home that evening, i thanked God (literally) for my nieces and nephews. I value my time spent with them and really look forward to seeing so much more of them in the future.

When i was younger, nothing mattered much to me. As i got older, my family was and is everything to me. We don't have a very long time here on earth. So the time we do have here, must be used wisely.

If there is ONE thing I'm sooo thankful for, is how close the kids all are. The cousins. They love and adore each other so much and it makes me feel so blessed.

Today, think of your family and what you can do better to make everyone happy. Do you see your cousins? Do the kids spend quality time together? Do you have "outings" or simply dinners or potlucks? Do you take your nieces or nephews for a couple nights? Maybe beach days.....or walks....all of these things make a huge difference.

If you have been thinking about these things, than put your thoughts into action.
Go ahead. Before it is too late.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Heart That Loves PT 7 & 8

There is a part one and a part two to these chapters. At first i was going to skip them.....but i believe God wanted me to read them so that i can pass on some very valuable lessons to you ladies.

What does it mean to love your husband/Partner?
I thought i knew it all. Maybe i knew most things.... but not ALL!

When the bible says to choose your husband over all other human relationships..including your children....i seriously questioned it at times. I mean, it just did not make sense to me. BUT, today i know it is the truth. Our children may never understand this.....but one day they will.

I'm just going to write down some principles Elizabeth shares in her book.

1. Pray for him daily.

2. Plan for him daily.

3. Prepare for him daily.

4. Please him.

5. Protect your time with him.

6. Physically love him.

7. Praise him.

8. Pray always.

These are the foundations of true love. They will make your bond much stronger. A heart that loves is a heart that plans. So put your thinking cap on, and go ahead and PLAN!

Love, Liz