Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Are Your Plans?

With Christmas holidays around the corner, we are busy making plans, deciding where to go and who to spend time with.....right?

Your probably going back and forth on who is really worth your precious time on such an important holiday. Well, let me tell you this (as i have done a lot of thinking too) If you have family, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins etc, then spend it with them. Even if you have not seen them in years or have a grudge against them for whatever reason, reach out to them this Xmas. Make this year a special one. Please do yourself that favor.

Truthfully, there is not joy, like being with your family. Nothing is worth your time away from them. Look, i spent so many years (many years ago) away from my family. Every xmas or thanksgiving i cried inside wondering what they were doing. Today, noway! Every holiday, we are together. All of us. If there are people who don't speak (still) then i share my time between them. But nothing is more important to me then my familia!

Stop looking for reasons why you don't speak to someone. So they did you wrong or said something to offend you, so what! Grow up. No I'm serious.  There is nothing you can tell me that i have not been through, unless its "doing drugs" otherwise i have been there, done that! So i know what it feels like to be hurt, betrayed and abandoned......But i give God thanx for my life and for my parents and family EVERYDAY! Despite my story. If it was not for them, i would not have a story. So please make a difference in your life NOW.

Don't go on another minute without PEACE. Make a difference! Do not allow pride to get in your way.
If you have not yet read it, go and but A NEW EARTH by Eckart Tolle. The book talks about and describes the different types of "pride" that we deal with on an everyday basis.

I try so hard not to let "pride " get in my way. It's hard but I'm working on it.
When it comes to my family, i don't care how i look, i will say sorry or forgive me. Even when i have not done anything wrong. Because i know the difference it will make. Period.

I love you all and hope this blog has made a difference in your "Holiday Plans"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Is With All This Garbage?

 These are actually real photos taken the "day of"

Ok, so Captain and i were taking the bus yesterday and out of nowhere he says, "ewww mom this is disgusting"
and as i looked down i could not believe my 3 and a half old was talking about the litter on the floor. Honestly what is this world coming too? I live in a BRAN new development. It is less than a year old and look what is happening at the bus stops ALREADY!

Why? How hard is it to throw your coffee cup or can of pop or even a bag of chips in the garbage. Ok so there is no garbage in hole onto it until you get onto the bus. That's what i do. Even my Captain does not throw his litter on the floor. It's nasty and wrong. Think of what you are doing to the air, the pollution. Even if you are not a "green" kinda person, please just make a difference. It's so wrong.

Moments after we saw this, a gentleman came and stood by us to wait for the bus. He was drinking a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and when he was done with it, he threw it on the floor. Before i was even about to open my mouth, Captain said "heeyy you can't do that. You have to put it in the garbage." The man was in shock and picked it up and said, "ok son, i will."

I was so proud of my son. 

Please please make a difference. What will Brampton or any other city look like 5 years from now? Do we really want our children raised in that kind of environment?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Are You Following Me?

First, do you like my new color? :-)))I love it...

Ok ladies and gents, i need your help here. I need you to click on the FOLLOW button on the right hand side of this screen. I looked at my "stats" this week which i have not done in months and noticed that this week alone, i had 172 viewers on my main page for the blog. Now that is insane considering there is not many followers. So what is it? I mean why don't you just follow my flog and join along?

I hear so many bloggers complain about this and never felt the need to comment as i enjoy blogging and did not care how many followers i had. But, after a "business marketing workshop i did this week, it started bothering me. Because i really do write for YOU so i want to see that you are following me.

So if you read this, then simply click on the FOLLOW button and join this journey with me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make Today A Happy Day!

When i woke up this morning and gave God thanx for everything i have, especially for waking me up, i realized how blessed i was when i was able to go in my fridge and make breakfast, turn up the heat, look in my closet at the many shoes and clothes i have to choose from. Turn my TV on and kiss up my Captain. There are so many things i can list, but i want to name the simple things that we never think we are fortunate to have. It's actually a privilege to have these things. Turn on the news or your computer and look at what is happening around you.

Today i want you to make it a Happy Day. Smile as much as possible. Hold the door for someone coming behind you, young or old. Buy someone a tea or coffee. Tell someone how beautiful they look. Call a friend to tell them you love him/her. Start reading a book. Write down your thoughts today. Start a journal....all these things are the reason why i usually have a happy day (most days). Do not allow the small stuff to get you. Brush off the little words that may upset you. Reply with a smile. I guarantee you will be amazed at yourself. My friends, life is too short to live it in misery.

Have an awesome and blessed day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Do You Have A Secret?

What a beautiful morning. God is GREAT!
Colleen, Natasha and Elizabeth. The "Unique" Ladies

I woke up this morning and realized i forgot to log onto Full Circle yesterday to watch Colleen Miller speak on her "Story."
Well i have just finished watching it, and let me tell you, i feel so inspired and lucky to have this woman in my life as such a close friend. Despite having a the "Unique Group" together, Colleen and i were friends long before we started our youth events. She shared the story of being a pastor's daughter, growing up in the church and being in ministry; when she became pregnant with her "first boyfriend" (who is her husband now and they parent 2 boys) unborn child, and made the choice to abort the baby. She shares the pain of the shame she carried for 2 years alone. Out side of her very small circle of friends, she told not a soul. At the time, she was working for a crisis center that dealt with young women who were pregnant and wanted to abort the child. This was her work. She was scared and felt like a liar by working with these women after what she had just done.

Colleen knew there was a calling on her life but felt like she would never live it out until she brought that secret "out of the dark and into the light."

She finally did and has been released to LIVE her life freely and with the true power of God. Today she is helping many families, women and youth to live their lives without regret. To love. To HEAL. She is a walking testimony of what the power of Gods hand can do in your/our life.

I'm blessed to have Colleen in my life and know that i can count on her to be that voice or shoulder i need from time to time. She is never too busy for anyone. There were times i called her in the middle of the night and needed her, and she was right there. Never complained but always listened. She gave me the strength to SURVIVE!

This truly opened up my spiritual eyes on some things that i have been dealing with. She made me realize that holding secrets in the dark will never give you freedom. That the very thing you are keeping in the dark can save a life or soul. Someone may need to hear you speak. Share your story. Don't be afraid. Fear nothing but God. You will feel lighter and such a relief when you let it out. There is that saying, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" you don't even have to be in church to know this saying.

For more on the Full Circle story that Colleen shares, please log onto Colleen Speaks

If there is something in you that you have been hiding, let it out today. Call someone; your mother, father, friend, sister, brother or counselor and share your story or secret. God will use that very story in you to share with the world. To save lives. Don't be ashamed. Please.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Old = Beautiful

As Captain and i were taking the bus this morning (car is in the shop AGAIN) i was very attentive and aware of my surroundings. The "bus" does that to me. We sat at the front of the bus where the elderly sit and there was a little old lady that came on with a huge pack of paper towel. She got on right in front of the Canadian Tire Store so i guessed the paper towel was on sale. There was about 15 rolls in the pack. There was this "beauty" that this woman possessed and i could not help but stare. She looked Spanish or maybe even mixed with black. Her hair was curly but she brushed it out so it looked soft and wavy. She was about 85 years old with the most beautiful olive complexion. Her freckles were perfect :-)

When she sat down, Captain moved over a seat to give her the space to sit. She frequently smiled at Captain as he sat there playing with my phone. Captain had this connection with her. He kept staring at her and smiling back. I know my son and i know he felt her gentle spirit. So did i.

I started thinking about how it's so amazing when we get old, we are like babies all over again. She walked slowly, she struggled to sit down, and you could see that she had no care in the world; just like babies, toddlers and children. Older folk have no reason to put on a "fake" show. What you see is what you get. I began thinking about my life and how i would love to have their mentality in at my age. I started thinking about how she must feel when she goes to sleep at night. I wondered if she had a partner and how long they were together. I got this feeling that she was widow.

When she stood up to press the bell, Captain saw it and quickly stood on the seat to press it for her. He did it in a way that was "helpful" and she recognized it and said, "you are a special young boy." I almost started crying. It was moving. As she started walking, she dropped the paper towel. I quickly stood up and picked it up for her and stayed standing behind her in case she dropped it again. I wished we could sit and talk because i was sure she had a lot to teach me.

When she got off the bus, Captain turned to me and said, "mommy we helped her...she's nice, i like her."
Wow, i such a young age, he is aware or "pureness" and that was so beautiful. I continued the ride teaching Captain about respecting his elders and no matter what, they are usually right. I compared her to his teachers at school and family and taught him the lessons my parents taught me.

In my eyes, the older you become, the more beautiful you will be. Why? Because of the wisdom and knowledge you will gain with age. Now, that's something to look forward too huh? :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011

For My Teen Girls - Save It!

Some people say that when a teen is sexually active at an early age, it has to do with "something missing" from her life. Not true. It can be a combination of many things. Parents, you could be the best parent in the world, it doesn't matter. It is something that is either missing in her/his life or something they are looking for. Maybe something they never had.

Sexual intercourse at an early age, having multiple partners or unprotected sex puts a teen (or anyone) at risk for sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies. What will it take to wake up our young people?

I'm begging you all to please read your statistic reports on HIV, STD's and the danger of being active unprotected. If you are active, get your physicals yearly and never do so unprotected unless you are married, or common long. Ok, I have to be a realist; or in a long term and steady relationship with one partner. I know it's happening and I would rather guide then direct you.

As a young teen, I use to think that my man loved me more because he didn't want to use condoms. I know that many of our young people think the same. I work with youth, so I know. This is a dangerous way to live. That man doesn't respect you and doesn't respect that you are the one getting pregnant not him. He could easily advise you to abort the baby caring very little about the damages it may cause to your body NOT HIS!

The reports I read this morning stated that teens between the ages of 15-17 use condoms more than 19-25
That was very surprising to me. It also states that the use of condoms have increased with teens. Now, that is great news.

In closing, I will say this, I was also a teen once and made some mistakes. All in the name of "looking for love" (in my case it was the love I never got at home) but if I can make a difference today by telling you TO KEEP IT LOCKED up until your married, I will. If you are currently active, than please protect yourself. It doesn't mean that a man loves you when he doesn't want to use a condom, it means he doesn't care. Unless he is your spouse, long term partner or husband. But let's say HUSBAND! It also shows that he is careless. STD's have no "look" it's invisible.

I gave birth to my first child at 17, and although he was a blessing to my life, because if I did not become a mother at 17, I may have been dead or caught up somewhere real dark. It forced me to become a woman early. Too early. I received a blessing, however I lost a lot and had to play major catch up later in life. What I'm saying is focus on your life, goals, education, dreams, plans and friendships NOW before getting out there and giving yourself away to someone who can literally take your life. It takes a very long time to truly know if someone is living a clean life. You have your entire life ahead of you, don't throw it away.

So to all my young girls, I say LOCK IT UP and save it for the one man God has cut out for you; your husband.

Love, Lizzy