Saturday, December 29, 2012

My World With Boys!

Yesterday I attended a friends wedding and as I sat at my table watching 'mostly' little boys running around, I could not help but study them. Boys are so interesting and truly I believe men will always be little boys inside. But it also inspired me to think of the power, strength and determination mothers hold within. Whether single or married.

I would say in the last three to four generations, a mother has raised her children with little to no hands-on support.In many cases her extended family is nonexistent. Her husband / partner may work long hours away from the home, or may be, in divorce, pushed away by the ex-spouse or opts away on his own. More and more moms are working themselves and taking part time even full time courses in College / University. A huge percentage of children are born to unmarried women. More than half of these children spend part of their childhood in a home run by a single mother.

I have got to give it up to "us" moms! I see plenty awards shows but not much to recognize MOMS! Please mark my word, I will host an awards show for moms one day soon. Actually I am working on the details of an event for 2013.

Single moms have done an incredible job balancing their lives and raising healthy boys. Alone. I can speak for myself in raising my 20 year old son who I am so proud of today. Oh what a bright young man he is :-)And to see what my soon to be 5 year old son is becoming just brings great joy to my heart. I thank God for his hands on dad.

There are a few basic values and principles that despite how dysfunctional my parents were, they, along with my Avo (grandmother) instilled in me and in return I have passed them along to my boys. Then there are values and things my parents DID NOT give me or do with me that I have discovered on my own and made it a priority to pass onto my boys. Both my biological and foster boys; discipline, rules, structure so that they know their limits; engage, when my boys need me to, be hands on involved with their activities, whether sports, school or hobbies, be available and open to discuss topics, like sexual and aggression oriented questions; and being able to love them unconditionally.

There are so many things I have learned about boys / men through my relationships with ALL my boys including my former husband. The dreams I have for my boys are pretty simple. I want them to be husbands; husbands of not only their own families, but husbands of communities, husbands of culture as a whole, husbands of others around the world, husbands of earth itself, and husbands of their own life journey. Boys, even in gangs seek to husband something, some one or some sacred goal.

Given what I know about how a boy is built and how he is socialized, I have no choice but to notice that without a sacred role to grow into, he will, as he becomes a man, be more likely to join a gang, abuse his lover (mentally, emotionally or physically) cheat on his wife, abandon his children, live in emotional isolation, become an addict, lonely or unhappy. A boy needs structure and discipline in order to discover himself. I know this by looking back at the relationship between my ex and i and why he had so many issues. They are issues that were built during his childhood. I also know this from studying my teenage foster boys. Boys needs to live a journey that has clear responsibilities and goals. HE NEEDS A ROLE IN HIS LIFE! Without it, he does not know his important objective in life. He will roam around only suspecting he has some.

Truly their destiny is in the palms of our hands. We have got to be willing to do the hard work of making our boys into loving, wise and powerful men. Moms, we can't sit back and expect that dad will do it all. No. Let's do our part entirely. Watch videos on raising boys. Read informative books on raising boys. Get involved in your community with other moms who are raising boys.

If you take care of your boys, they will also take care of you!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Do Your Part

I am still in shock and will be saddened over the events that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday of last week.

I just want to first acknowledge the bravery of staff, parents, and community partners who reacted immediately to protect the children.

I was doing some research online and put together a list of tips to help support your children and family in this time:

- Recognize that children may become concerned that something bad will happen to themselves, family or friends. Explain that safety measures are in place and reassure them that you and other adults will take care of them.

- If your child is not focused or does not know about the tragedy, do not inform them or dwell on it. Try to avoid having detailed conversations regarding the tragedy in front of the children. However, be available to answer questions to the best of your ability. Young children may not be able to express themselves verbally. Pay attention to changes in their behavior or social interactions.

- Please limit exposure to media coverage. Images of disaster or crisis can become overwhelming even for us adults, much less children, especially if watched repetitively.

- Maintain normal family routines as much as possible. Routine family activities can help children feel more secure.

-Be aware of your own needs. Don't ignore your own feelings of anxiety, grief and anger. Talk to friends and family members but above all, talk to God and ask Him to remove the Spirit of fear from your life. There is no one I'd rather speak to than Him in prayer. You will be better able to support your children if you can express your own emotions in a humble and productive way.

Please do not allow fear to eat you alive while you are trying to focus on your day to day job duties. I know that the school's top priority is the safety and well being of each of our children.

If you are concerned about your children, help is available through the schools. If you are concerned about your child or feel he os she needs additional help, contact the school principal, social worker or psycho-educational consultant.

Take care of yourself and of others.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Have Got To Make the Time!

I believe strongly in structuring a daily study time for children as early as the age of four and five. It may be only fifteen minutes a day, but should grow to thirty minutes the older they get. Our children cannot possibly learn everything they need to know in class. There are too many distractions preventing them from focusing entirely on the lessons being taught. It is up to us as parents to establish a schedule study time.

My LiL Captain is turning five in March, and I started scheduling homework time with him the start of this year. And it is the same time everyday. Now please don't think I am talking about Mathematics and work that grade one's and two's are doing. He is in JK so we spend twenty minutes a day Monday to Friday practicing; writing his full name, phone number, his family members names, alphabets, numbers, art and crafts, coloring, reading (every night), cards etc. Because of this, he is advanced for his age. Most of the kids in his class are not writing their names yet. I am telling you, it makes the world of a difference. Captain spends little to no time watching TV, unless he is with dad (lol). He walks through the door after school and wants to get right into activities.

Another thing I strongly believe in as apart of "study" is life skills! At a very young age my mother had me cleaning and cooking. At the time I wasn't always happy to assist her, however, today I thank God for it. While I am cooking and cleaning Captain gets right in there with me. He seasons the meat for me, he stirs the pots for me, he assists with baking and while I am cleaning, he is next to me wiping and sweeping. Despite whether or not I have to go over it (when he is not looking lol) what matters is he is learning these skills at a young age. Life skills can also be taught outdoors. Apple picking is one of our favorite pass times. You would be amazed how much they learn. If we decide to introduce this to our children at twelve or fourteen, they will become rebellious.

I strongly urge you to have some study time of your own. It may be reading, writing or crafts, but doing some activity similar to your children's will enable them to see study time as a normal pattern for life. During this time, eliminate all distractions. Turn off the TV and any music playing in the background. Even if you want to gather your own reading books and writing materials (as I do) and sit next to him in your chosen study spot, just sit there with him / her and do your homework together. Create the ideal atmosphere you're looking for.

Once you establish this this routine, stick to it daily! Even skipping out once or twice a week to this schedule will mess up the flow and make it more difficult to reorganizing it.

Because of my disciple and determination to have study time with Captain, he now reminds me after his dinner and shower, "mom let's do our homework now" he says with excitement in his voice.

At last but NOT least, pray every night with your children. I can't express how important this is and the foundation you are setting for them at an early age. My Avo (grandmother) prayed every night with my sister and I as children, and then went into my brother's room and prayed with them. She instilled that fear of God in me and no matter what direction my life took, I had a connection to God that I ended up coming back to as an adult.

Your Beliefs and relationship with God influence what you impart to your children.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Struggling To Write?

Recently I had a dear friend ask, "Liz I find it so hard to write when I am dealing with so much in my personal and work life. How do I just put everything aside and take the time out to write?" I don't know if my answer would work for her or anyone else because we all use our own technique. However I do know that if I do not set the time aside in advance then I would never get any writing done. When I wrote my first book 'If You Played In My Playground' I completed 13 Chapters or so on Mat Leave. When my Lil Captain was sleeping I would grab my paper and pen and write away. I also got a lot of writing done at night when the house was quiet. However, yes I do know what it is like to go through personal trials while trying to finish a book. In the midst of my writing I went through a very painful separation / divorce and believe it or not, I did not pick up my pen to write for a year and a half. I could not bring myself to think about my childhood pain when I was dealing with my adult pain (lol). But that should not have been an excuse. I learned after that year and a half that the best time to write is when your going through trials and tribulations. It was and is the most therapeutic thing you could ever do. If your a writer of course. I will share 3 things with you that I learned at Humber College while taking some writing courses a couple years ago: 1. Create a large calendar that you can hang up in the space you often write at and where you can see it in your face without having to look for it. From Monday to Sunday write down the times you will set aside to write. So if your going to write from 10pm-11pm on December 6, write it in the box. But you must try and keep the time consistent everyday. 2. The absolute best time to write is between 4am-6am. I know your probably thinking huh I am sound asleep! Set your alarm on and Just Do It! 3. Decide on the length of time you want to write for. Most of the best selling authors would set their daily agenda to write 30 minutes "everyday" and never miss a beat. I am currently writing my second book, the sequel to my first one and I have been struggling with setting time aside to write only because I am also developing a self healing workbook that will go with the first book. But I realized this week that I have got to go back to my old method with the calendar. You have no idea how much it works. I even set my alarm last night to get up and write and I did :-) Writer Jennifer Hudson Taylor says it best "I don’t have answers that will work for everyone, and at times, I don’t know how I did it. All I know is that prayer and faith gave me strength when I had none. When worry wanted to consume me, God prevailed and I was able to find a few moments here and there when my characters took me to another place in time. I mentally escaped. When I couldn’t sleep, I wrote. When I couldn’t concentrate, I put on earphones and lost myself in music that helped me escape to my time period. When I was too tired to write, I slept, and ignored the guilt. When my house became too suffocating, I went outside and wrote. When my desk became the wrong place, I changed my environment by writing in the closet in the wee morning hours, on the steps, and wherever I could find a corner. I didn’t worry about edits, writing with perfect research, or getting it perfect. I merely wrote and concentrated on getting the first draft down. When the pain and confusion was too much, I prayed and cried out to God. Remember, God is THE answer to everything—even writing through tragedies. For Jennifer' full article log onto Whatever you do just keeping on writing!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hope and Purpose for Women and Youth At Risk

As a motivational speaker, author of 'If You Played In My Playground' (a memoir) and Founder of The D.e.v.a In You Group (a self development and counseling organization for women and youth at risk), I have had the privilege to speak and facilitate workshops at various High Schools, conferences and organizations, drawing strength from my story and own personal experiences.
December 26 2011, I survived a major brain surgery that nearly took my life but in the same breath it transformed my life and gave me complete understanding as to why I am still here; to make a difference in the lives of women and youth at risk who have lost hope or simply given up. There are many disfunctional obstacles that I have survived over the course of my life, and I believe that that it was not by accident. My only desire in this "new life" is to spend my time inspiring women and youth to heal and push themselves, strive to do more, be better and get ahead. As long as we are breathing, nothing is impossible.

As a workshop faciliator for women and youth at risk, I am currently developing a a self help workbook that will be offered to high schools and organizations as a book package (together with my memoir) in hopes to achieve funding in order to reach as many young people and women at risk as possible. I have met with school principals, teachers, libraries, counselors and community program coordinators who are also willing  to add the book package to the school libraries and their facilities, knowing and believing the impact it will have in the lives of the individuals in their communities and high schools in the GTA and Peel Region area.
As a self published author I am not able to give my books away for free as it is very expensive. I currently limit myself to giving away 2 books per workshop and it leaves a deep void in my heart knowing what my book will do for individuals struggling in their personal situations. I trust that you will help me make this project possible so that I can leave these individuals with a book package that will transform their lives forever.

The workbook is a self help journey through the many issues women and our young adults are facing today.

Workbook topics include:

  1. Understanding All of Me
  2. I am Worth It
  3. It's Just My Story
  4. Drama Free Living
  5. From Pain To Purpose
  6. My Playground
The workbook leads readers toward a life with hope and purpose through exercises and strategies for overcoming family and social obstacles. It is a survival guide to navigating themselves through challenging times and becoming leaders of their own future.

When I am out there presenting and speaking to women and youth at risk, there are two things i see and identify with; myself and potential.

What will they achieve from this book package?

They will be able to identify the similar situations that they are currently facing, and once they identify that, they are provided with a sense of hope in knowing that nothing is impossible.

My objective is to launch a book tour in the beginning of 2013. I will be traveling through high schools and communities;speaking and facilitating workshops where I will provide free book packages to young people and women at risk who are experiencing financial hardships are are unable to purchase the book package

Thank you kindly in advance for taking the time to review my idea / project. It brings great satisfaction to me knowing that there are funding options like this for individuals with BIG ideas that will impact their communities, but are unable to bring their ideas to life due to financial circumstances.

Cost of Printing:

$7.90 per book package (includes memoir and workbook)
700 book packages = $5,530

I have set my goal to $5,000 in hopes to raise more. If I do not raise enough I will put the funds that are raised towards printing a smaller amount of book packages. The books cost $5.90 each to print and each workbook is $2.00 at a total of $7.90 each wokbook package.

What Qualifies Elizabeth?
Recognized as an inspiration to women and youth from all walks of life, Elizabeth is no stranger to obstacles and adversity. A sexually abused child, in and out of foster care and the juvenile system, a witness to murder, survivor of domestic violence and a teen mother, Elizabeth’s enlightening spirit and determination to live life with purpose shines through her love for her  her family and community.

Her trials and tribulations have helped her to empower women and youth through her story, strength, courage and hope.

December 26 2011 Elizabeth survived a major brain surgery that nearly took her life. She is more determined than ever to shine her new-found “voice and light” into the lives of the many women and youth living in darkness.

Elizabeth's quest is to create awareness for people everywhere about the effects of emotional, physical and sexual abuse; providing them with hope that they are not alone in their struggles and life is a precious gift worth living.

I may not know you personally, but your contribution to this project would mean the world for me and the hundreds of youth and women I have the privilege to speak to through my workshops and speaking engagements. Even $10 will go a long way....Don't stop to think about it, make a difference today and be blessed.

Please log on and donate what you can here. 

If you have any questions please email me at

Love, Lizzy

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Yourself Permission To Let Go!

Ok, let's face it; it's time to let go. Of what? You know what. I don't need to have a personal relationship with you to know, because you already know all of things you need to let go of.

Take an evening for yourself and turn on some relaxing / soft music- something that will bring you to a state of inner peace. Grab a pen or pencil, and let your mind drift. Allow yourself to go back into the past, and think of all the things you are angry with yourself and others about. Write them down. You may discover that you have never forgiven 'yourself' for something that happened in the second grade. Yes what a long time to carry a burden huh? After you write them down, read it over and over again, and then burn it or rip it up and throw it away. Throw away the burdens and baggage.

Sometimes (many times) it is easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves. Too often, we demand perfection from ourselves. We punish ourselves for the mistakes we make. It's called self abuse. It's time to renew that attitude.

It took me a long time but I learned that 'mistakes are the way we learn' and if we were perfect there wouldn't be anything to learn. You have got to lighten up and stop treating yourself that way. Most of the time others will treat us the way they see us treating ourselves. Hhhmm food for thought huh?

Forgive yourself. Let it go. Liberate yourself. You deserve the freedom. There is no need for shame or guilt. I lived with it for more then 30 years of my life and shedding it off was the greatest gift I gave to myself! I did that by letting it go. Forgiving others and above all forgiving myself.

Remember how amazing it was to run around freely when you were a child. Go outside to a park, beach or any open space and run around with your hands up in the air- jump somersaults- and give yourself permission to LAUGH OUT LOUD! Find that inner child in you. The one that has been crying for some attention for far too long now. She needs you and you need her.

Make a decision today that you will NOT live in pain any longer. You are the one in control. remember that!

Love, Lizzie

Saturday, November 3, 2012

If You Can Vision It, You Can Attain It!

Yesterday was my last workshop session with the lovely young girls at Naki High School. Just footsteps away from where I witnessed my boyfriend (at the time) murdered when I was just 22 years old. Just two minutes away from Mount Olive Projects. A neighborhood that many people will never step foot into. Although it was my last class with these girls, it will not be my last day visiting with them. Each week as I drove home from our sessions, I realized more and more just how special these girls are to me and the two things I identify in them; myself and purpose.

I had the privilege to create vision boards with them yesterday, and each of them designed a beautiful piece to take home with them. They had never created one before and all I wanted was for them to vision their future and their ideal life. So off they went cutting, painting, drawing, pasting, gluing and visioning. It was an evening I will never forget and one that I documented in my diary.

Most people have never created a vision board and will never know the importance of it until they try it.

There are many things it helps with:
  • Focus
  • Ideas
  • Goals
  • Planning
  • Creativity
  • Vision

You may be like myself and often ask yourself questions like "Which road do I take?”or “Where do I want to go?” or "How do I want this event to look?"
Stop and take a minute to create for yourself a Vision Board for your blog, your brand and  your business, your goals or family.

One of the most affective reasons to create a vision board is because It gives us DIRECTION: Which we all need. A direction defines our character and our beliefs. Most importantly, you are creating this movement towards “something” that you want to achieve or accomplish. With regular focus on your Vision Board, you are orienting your body and brain to move and think in the direction you want it to go.I see it just as important as writing your ideas and goals down on paper. Only, it's created through art so it totally brings your inner vision to life. It is a time you get to spend alone (advised) with your own thoughts and creativity.

If you feel like you don't have a clue what to start pasting on your board, just gather a bunch of magazines together, and your creative thoughts will start flowing. You may even create a vision you thought was not attainable, until now.

Love Lizzy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Believers Don't Beg!

I learned a long time ago not to beg God in prayer but to actually thank Him in advance for what He is doing and about to do in my life and the lives of those around me. It took me a long time to master this. I use to pray and say "God will you just take her out of this misery...God will you just help me with this situation? "I had very little understanding of the Word (Gods Word) therefore I was not speaking the Truth in prayer I was speaking only about the problem I or others were up against.

It took a LONGGG time to see that only immature believers pray the problem. I now know that as a believer, I pray the answer. I don't have to plead with God because I am speaking the Truth of His no begging! Once I gained this knowledge, my prayer life totally transformed. Just like it did that day i laid in that hospital room about to get my brain split open (a little graphic) I said "God you said in Your Word that the fruit of my body shall be blessed. I decree it to be so. I decree that your anointing shall be upon me right now in this moment...No weapon that has been formed or shall ever be formed against me shall prosper..." I did not have to beg, because Gods word says if we decree a thing, it shall come to pass. As a matter a fact as soon as i began to pray the fear disappeared.

Today, i chose to operate in Truth. When i decree something, it is already done. In knowing this, I am able to pray for many people at once (I rarely pray for myself for i believe that in praying for others, I receive whatever it is God has for me) I pray for an individual and then move onto somebody else. Don't get it twisted though, if what I am asking is not according to Gods will, then obviously it is not my choice, it is His. This is why i ask "according to thy will Father" and of course i ask in faith.

If i ask in Jesus name and i ask in faith, how can i loose?

I learned a long time ago as a believer not to operate according to my feelings. I operate in the realm of the Spirit according to Gods truth and plan for my life. I know the truth and i don't care what the enemy tries to tell me about myself or others around me or my situations at that. No matter how many times i / we have made mistakes, i / we know that our mistakes are our training manual to Gods calling in our lives. No matter what, i / we know that The Truth is going to straighten us out!

God does not want us to stand in pain or beg, He wants us to STAND ON HIS TRUTH!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Risky Are They?

As much as we hate to face it, our street youth are highly at risk?

Had i not answered Gods calling on my life, I too, would have ended up...well who knows!

There is never a day that goes by where I don't think about our youth and women at risk. My deepest desire is to travel the world making a difference and sharing my voice of healing with those who have given up or never had any faith to begin with. Every winter I get out into the cold and provide homeless men, women and youth with necessities to kepp them warm such as blankets, coats, hats, mits and socks. I do this because I know what it feels like to be left behind and if I can be that shining light in their dark days, then I jsut thank God for using me.

Street youth are predominantly homeless, or they live in highly unstable conditions. They come from different cultures and each have a different story but share characteristics that jeopardize their health and well-being. Street youth tend to engage in high-risk behaviours, such as unprotected sex with multiple partners or sex while under the influence of drugs, friends or alcohol.These behaviours obviously increase their risk of contracting and transmitting sexually diseases and infections.

STD's are more common in street youth than in general population youth. These youth report early initiation of sexual activity and frequent sexual activity. They also have many sex partners.
The average age at first sexual intercourse among street youth (both male and female) was 12 years, which is much lower than among youth in the general population (16 years).

Among female street youth, the average number of sexual interactions per week ranged from 3 with casual partners to 15 with paying partners. This is so disturbing. Among male street youth who reported recent sexual activity, the average number of sexual episodes weekly ranged from 5 with casual partners to 10 with paying partners. Statictically proven more then 95% of street youth are sexually active.

The social aspects of life on the street, specifically the unstable living conditions youth face, cannot be ignored. If each of us makes a difference, anything....I trust these conditions will improve. We can't sit back and just talk about this. If you know a youth in your neighbourhood, your child's friend, a neice or nephew...maybe someone in your church who may be at risk (they don't have to be homeless to be at-risk) then please stand up for that child and do something! As a mother, my heart cries for these children.

Providing the basic necessities of life, including affordable housing or shelter, and  Increased access to counselling / support may help street youth to address their drug use and addictions. You don't have to live in the slums / ghetto / or Ontario Housing to have access to this solution.
We have a voice, let's use it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fitness Boutique Studio VS The Gym

For the past 10 years I have been obsessed with the idea of getting back into dance fitness. The social aspects of dance help to make it very attractive for an increasing number of people versus, say, an elliptical training machine. Scientific studies are now also telling us that many things make dancing an excellent fitness regimen with attractive benefits. I love dancing but the truth is, I don't have much spare time to do it. My sister and I keep promising each other we will make time but unfortunately one month turns into two and then before you know it we made that promise a year ago (lol). But don't get me wrong, we still make time to dance in-front of the mirror when we're just hanging around the house together. We were born with dance in my bloodstream.

Well, just when I began to crave it most, I was offered the Business Director position  at Tease Fitness Studio in Cambridge. I am truly honored for more then one reason.

The PINK studio is a fantasy fitness space for women ONLY! A place where you can let your hair down, swing off your shoes and be your true YOU!

Tease Fitness Boutique was created to inspire an environment of health, personal greatness, fun and community. It is a stunning dance and fitness studio you can go to that is lighthearted, flexible and welcoming. So it was a no brainer for me to take the position. More and more people are going to the dance floor for a workout versus a gym. But I have the priviledge of doing it all there; work and work out (lol).

As many of you know, I am all about empowering women ohhh and PINK, so this position was made for me :-)

I find as I am climbing up in my late 30's I am beginning to loose interest in the gym or maybe it's always bored me and of course that results in resenting the very thought of going.. most days.. I am constantly trying new things to create that excitement while I am there, but it's just not working. Not even my pretty pink weight gloves or sneakers.When I was working out in gyms I was often plugged into my iPod or my reading material, following my own regimen.  None of it is working. Of course, balanced, targeted gym workouts can provide excellent fitness benefits as well, but for some people (like myself), the “fun factor” is missing at the gym. So I resulted to outdoor workouts by walking and running but where's the fun in that everyday? Yes I get to be alone and utilize the time for my conversations with God but I am still not "working out" as much. Simply because the gym bores me! About 6 months ago I purchased a membership to PBC (Paul's Boot Camp) however it was costing me $150 a month for boot camp classes ONLY! But at Tease Fitness Studio you get the whole package.

Tease Fitness Boutique has every dance and fitness class you can think of:

Hip Hop
Full Body Training
Boot Camp
Foxy Boxing
Kick Boxing
Abb Classes
Pole Classes
Cardio Strength Interval
Zumba... And much more!

Dance is also very good for balance, posture, it's a great aerobic workout, and it tones many different muscle groups.

Here are the Top Benefits of Dance Fitness:
     1. Flexibility is an important part of being healthy. Dance requires a great amount of flexibility. Most dance classes begin with a warm-up including several stretching exercises. Dancers must strive to achieve full range of motion for all the major muscle groups. The greater the range of motion, the more muscles can flex and extend. Most forms of dance require dancers to perform moves that require bending and stretching, so dancers naturally become more flexible by simply dancing.

2. Strength

Strength is defined as the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer's own body weight. Many styles of dance, including jazz and ballet, require jumping and leaping high into the air. Jumping and leaping require tremendous strength of the major leg muscles. Ballroom dancing builds strength. Consider the muscle mass a male ballroom dancer develops by lifting his partner above his head!

3. Endurance

Dance is physical exercise. Exercise increases endurance. Endurance is the ability of muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue. Regular dancing is great for improving endurance, especially vigorous dancing such as zumba and ballroom dancing. Elevating the heart rate can increase stamina. Just as in any form of exercise, regular dancing will build endurance.
4. Our emotions
Emotional responses are common in dance and would rarely occur in a gym workout. The music, movement patterns and mental engagement involved in dance often evoke emotions. One study showed that breast cancer survivors who participated in a 12-week dance and movement program not only improved their shoulder range of motion, but also showed improvements in measures of body image and quality of life. 
5. The Heart 
Dance also can be a substitute for a cardiovascular gym workout. Depending on the type of dance, it can be an excellent cardiovascular workout when done regularly. It would result in the same health benefits associated with any form of activity that involves sustained effort in the target heart rate zone, such as improved cardiovascular function, lipid metabolism, endurance and body composition.

Fitness Boutique Studio VS The Gym...?

If you will apply your reasoning, there is no doubt that you will rush for a dance fitness studio rather than a gym. The best part is that the feeling on the dance floor is something divine, something you can experience only and not describe. Join TODAY and make the difference.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I am Blessed!

I have had the wonderful privilege to host my own book signing in Indigo (Chapters) inside of the Yorkdale Mal Sunday September 30 at 11:30am - 2:00pm

God is so amazing. 

I looked into doing a book signing at the Chapters in Brampton on Main and Bovaird, although my favorite location is the Yorkdale one, but i guess God had another plan for me and gave me what my (Big) heart desired. I was told by the manager that urban non-fiction books / memoirs do really well in the Yorkdale location and all i could say was "Praise God."

So here it is ladies and gents:

If you missed the first book launch, don't miss this opportunity to purchase a signed copy by ME :-)

This has been an amazing journey for me. Life is a wonderful gift and I am so thankful to God, that i can share it with you ALL! Sharing this story has been the most liberating experience in my entire life.

Love Lizzy

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Home Away from Home

I woke up in a rather strange yet familiar bed this morning. One that I love sleeping in. And in a home I call "a home away from home." The air was filled with the scent of fresh coffee beans and the rain was beating on the window ledge giving my - already - soar body no desire to get up. Then from nowhere ..she appeared. My baby - big sis Suzie. She is so beautiful, I thought to myself. So small and fragile. Every time I spend a night with her and get to see her in the morning, it brings me back to childhood memories. Mornings were our favorite time of the day. We'd help each other pick out our outfits, eat breakfast together, play with our dolls, draw write and color or we'd simply lay in bed chatting away our dreams and stories. Today, we are still the same. Mornings are our favorite times together.

Yesterday was a special and oh so fun day for us. I had the chance to do her full body workout class and even spend the day at work with her, go for sushi with her co-workers, go to her mother in laws house for dinner, do a little shopping and just be girls again. I love love love being with her. She is my BFF. We have been through so much turmoil starting at such an innocent and fragile age. We have overcome obstacles that have left many other sisters crippled from the ability to love again. But through those moments, I was able to love deeper. And Because of her, I still believe in love.

 The teddy bear she gave me that i slept with every night. A praying teddy bear.

As I laid in her spare room last night praying before I shut my eyes to sleep, I began to thank God for my baby sis. Out of nowhere I broke down crying remembering my recent surgery. I suddenly saw her little face in front of me, broken, weak from sleepless nights, pale from lack of nutrition yet smiling just to keep my spirits up. I started playing back moments of us in the hospital where she was caring for me, uplifting me, cleaning me up, tidying up the room, ordering people to stop visiting so I could sleep, interacting with the nurses and doctors, walking away from my bed side just to go outside and cry (she thought i didn't know) and then took such good care of me for 2 weeks while i was released into her care from the hospital. She was and is my ROCK! My angel. All I cared about moments prior to entering that operating room was that my baby sis and Keeno were near by (I did not want Captain to see me like that). I had no idea who was in the waiting room but my mind stayed focused on the fact that they were there. Right outside the room. In some strange way, that brought so much comfort to my heart.

Although we were born with an unbreakable bond, that surgery did something to us that no sister could imagine unless she was close to loosing hers. We are nowhere near ready for a day like that. We will grow old together walking on our walkers at 95 smilestill giving each other treats and gifts. Just like she did this morning. I get to go home with new treats.

Prior to that surgery baby sis and I spoke to often about loosing each other or one of our brothers. We were paranoid and allowed fear to control our minds sometimes. 2 weeks before I was admitted into emergency brain surgery, I had a dream that I was laying in a hospital bed while my sister was holding my left hand. Instead of praying and asking God to remove those thoughts and dreams, I simply called my sister and told her about the dream. 2 weeks later, I woke up from surgery laying on an operating bed while my sister held my left hand. Moments later I looked at her and said "oh my God Sue... My dream" it was then and there I decided to let "fear" GO!!!

Today we are living a happy, fulfilled, peaceful life in the moment! Free from guilt, shame, sadness, anger and above all judgement.

(This picture was taken by me. My first full shower after surgery. The first time i washed the surgery cut. I put her through hell in that shower just to let her wash the cut lol. We said "come let's take a shower together like we did as kids" I remember crying....)

Don't wait until you have a scary moment before you realize how precious life is or how much you need your siblings, family, kids or spouse. Today, love deeper. Today, let go of fear!

Thank you God for my baby big sis! I love you corisca (brat) lol