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How A Desperate Birthday Search for "The Perfect Piece" Led to Her Destiny- Jozet Jemz

She is a busy mother (of twins) and an Entrepreneur. A woman who understands the hustle and bustles of life and doesn't mind flowing along in the mix. I had the great privilege to meet and interview this beautiful woman at "Afternoon Tea" with Media Starlet; Kerryann Thomas, and she understood completely why she ended up designing her own accessories. 
Camille Bryan has a DREAM and won't stop until it's accomplished.
1. Tell me and The D.e.v.a Readers a little about your background? About You.
Born and raised in Toronto, I have been married for 12 years, and am a mother of four.  My mother was born in Trinidad and my father in Tobago, so I have the best of both islands!!  After high school I continued my education and studied Police Foundations because at that time I wanted to become a Police Officer.  After giving birth to my daughter I had a change of heart and decided that I no longer wanted a career that involved so much risk.

2. When did you realize you had a desire to design jewelery?

Three years ago this upcoming July my birthday was coming up and I had a fabulous outfit that I was planning on wearing. I searched high and low to find the perfect accessories.  I found that I was unable to find that unique statement  piece I searching for so I decided I would have to make it.  The first item that I made was a pair of earrings, basic in design, but unlike anything I have ever seen.

3. What do you think triggered this passion?

I have always had a love for accessories, but found that the unique factor that I desired was missing.  I felt that the jewelry industry needed a fresh prospective, something that would stand out from the rest and I am pleased that I have defiantly been able to achieve that.

4. I know you also have a passion for fashion. Can you tell me why you chose to get into jewelery designing instead of clothing design?

I got into jewelry design appose to fashion design because jewelry fits all body types and has no labels attached to it.  Although I love clothes, I didn't want to limit what I had to offer to one particular group of women.

5. Are you a Trend Setter or is there a particular person you highly admire; fashion wise and tend to mimic their dressing instead.

I am a Trend Setter.  I am a women who dresses for the moment.  I tend to dress based on the way that I feel that particular day.  I definitely march to the beat of my own drum!

6. Do you create all the pieces yourself?

I do create all my pieces by myself in my home studio.

7. What type of beads / stones / materials do you use? And where are they from?

I love to work with Metal,Yarn, Ribbon, Wood,Feathers and Semi Precious Stones. My Favorite Semi Precious Stones to work with are, Agate which would be found in Brazil,Egypt,India among many other countries, Coral which comes from the sea, Onyx which comes from India and South America.

8. Can you tell us about the most Unique piece you have?

The most unique piece I have made thus far was created using the waist of re-cycled jeans, seed glass beads and a copper chain.  I finished this piece with a T-clasp to the side.  It's a head turner!!

9. Any plans for a boutique in the near future? If so, where?

I would love to own a small boutique somewhere downtown Toronto in the future.
10. What are the future goals you have for Jozet Jemz?
I would like Jozet Jemz to be worn by women all over the country.  I would like my pieces to be worn on the red carpet and in fashion shows.  I want Jozet Jemz to be a respected name in the fashion industry.

11. Do you design pieces for brides? If so, what is the wedding trend right now? (Is it diamonds. pearls, crystals etc)

I do also design jewelry pieces for brides.  Rhinestones has been big for the last couple of years and now brides are becoming more daring with colored rhinestones.  Of course, The classic pearls is an item that will always be around. However, it's the brides day and what ever look they gravitate to will be fabulous!
12.How many pieces are in your collection to date?
 To date I have 125 pieces all hand made by me in my collection and growing as I am creating new pieces all the time.

13. Where can our readers view your beautiful pieces and how can they make a purchase or contact you?

You can find most of my collection at where you can purchase them via PayPal.  If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you can email me at and I could bring the pieces to you for a private viewing.
14. Do you do home parties and home deliveries as well? Can you explain to us what a "home party" would look like?

I love to showcase my pieces at home parties because it is more of an intimate setting.  What could be expected if you attend a Jozet Jemz home party is trying on neck pieces, bracelets and rings.  I feel it is just as important to try on jewelry as it is clothes! The hostess will get to choose a gift from an array of Jozet Jemz Jewelry.  I also discuss the benefits of wearing semi precious stones.  I deliver to anyone who lives in the Greater Toronto Area.

15. Lucky number #15. Last but not least. You have beautiful hair. Are there any special or secret products you use that you don't mind sharing with us? Many women struggle to keep their dreads as gorgeous and healthy as you do. What is your secret?

Why Thank you.  I have been growing my locs for four years and have learned that less is more! I tend not to use a ton of product.  I create my own hair oil using 100% Olive Oil and a couple drops of Peppermint essential oil.  I wash my hair once per week because my locs love the water! I do a hot oil treatment once per month and a ACV rinse once per month.  ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar (which could be found at your local grocery store) 1 cup of ACV to 4 cups of water is the measurement.  I soak my locs in that mixture, then wash it out.  ACV helps maintain the build up that could sometimes occur in dread locs.  Last but not least I ALWAYS cover my hair when at home. 
She is authentic, inspiring and above all she believes in her Destiny! 
 My kinda gal.

Friday, March 23, 2012

She - My PIXX on Trend Setters!

As i was browsing through many different "Fashion Blogs" i realized that there is only one kind of fashionista i LUV; An original! 

What do i mean by this? Well, i highly admire a woman, of any age, who creates her own "look. SHE wakes up in the mornings and puts together an outfit based on what "SHE" likes. Not what the media likes or what her friends are wearing but what SHE wants. A woman who is not afraid of colors; brights, retro or neon, SHE will rock it! A woman who plays around with hair accessories and takes chances that most won't. SHE has no specific style but dresses according to her mood or where she will be for that day / time and who SHE will be with.

I, personally am that woman. Yes, i admire a variety of women for their fashion sense and take ideas out of their PIXX but i do what i want out of that PIX. So if i see a BEAUTIFUL pair of shoes on the shelf that i have already seen a friend wear or celebrity, i will wear them differently because I AM DIFFERENT / UNIQUE. My style won't be her style. Vice versa. I have never seen a duplicate of ME in regards to my "personal look"

Liz does what Liz wants to do and breaks all the fashion rules. Hhhmm i didn't know there were any but some, there may be. Oh wait, yes i have one; No big bold ear rings with big bold chains. Stick to no ear rings with bold chain or small studs matching the chain. Remember, Small!

Ok so her i have chosen a few of MY PIXX for the month. I will attach their blog sites and also "her" name for your review. Enjoy. SHE'S HOTT!

Ladies, this woman ROCKS! "It’s one thing for us to point at the runways, drool over the lookbooks, and pick off the shelves of our favorite boutiques, but more importantly, we as fashion-minded people need to share ourselves more." Folake Kuye Huntoon
Log onto her site and enjoy her. SHE is my #1 PIX

Lil' Janet - I use to call her. This woman never seemed to surprise me, fashion wise. SHE is UNIQUE and does what SHE desires to do; with her wardrobe. What a gal. Check out her site and visit her store downtown Toronto.

Ok those are my two PIXX for the week. Stay tuned as i will be posting more on "Fashion Blogs" 
I chose these two ladies, because they are regular women like you and i. Not celebrities or any of the above. Just beautiful women in LUV with fashion.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I stumbled upon a website tonight that had me glued to the computer screen for a good hour; Women's Self-Esteem

Now, because i have seen, heard and almost lived- it all, you may assume that i am not easily moved or touched by "survival stories" that women share with me. Let me please share with you this, that, every abusive, painful or sensitive story that comes from a young girl or a woman from ANY walk of life, moves me and leaves a lasting memory and prayer of hope and faith imbedded in my heart. Yes, i am easily moved and thankfully sensitive to the feelings of others ALL around me.

When i began to read these "survival stories" from voices unheard and faces unseen, i wanted more. Why? Because the more i read, was the closer i got to "the reality of the world we live in."

"WE" are NOT alone. What happened to "us" is happening every minute and every second of the day, all over the world and in the very houses next door to you. Whether, you see it in the open or NOT. It is there. Silent voices, waiting to be heard. To be saved. To be seen.

I am pleading with you tonight, to please log onto this site to truly understand and feel what it is to live with and know "that pain" I ask this because YOU can make a difference in the life of a woman or young girl around you who calls herself "his victim." We are NOT victims. "We" are survivors. It takes just ONE person, to make a difference in ONE woman or girl's life.
 Just one!

 Sealed with LOVE

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Time To Make The Change!

Good morning readers. I hope you are up smiling and ready for this beautiful sunny day. I woke up to the sun beaming through my window and in my eyes :-) This is why i do not have dark curtains covering my juliet balcony in my room. I LOVE the bright mornings.

Well, today should be an interesting day. I started the Liver Cleanse procedure yesterday evening with the "zapping machine" yeahhh the one that kills off all the dead pesticides in our stomach and body :-( ewww i can't believe they live in us. Gross. I will def not be looking in the toilet. I can't eat after 2 pm and i will have to be home near by my bathroom by late this evening lol.

This "healthy lifestyle" journey has been exciting and new for me. Even my workouts feel different and i am seeing the results rather quickly. But above all, i feel so amazing. So amazing. Inside and out. Prior to my surgery i did not care much for the inside. Today, the inside is THE most important. In caring for the inside, i have lost quite a bit of weight. However, that was not my intention, as i would like t to think my weight was fine the way it was. However, i guess my body said, "well there is a lot of fat, toxins and yeast in here, so it's got to go." The weight i lost was "garbage anyway."

It's time guys! Make the change now. Don't wait until there is bad news like i did. God gave me a "second chance" to do it right, but please keep in mind that more then 75% of people who get rushed into emergency with a large hemorrhaging tumor, DO NOT make it out of the surgery alive. So i consider it God alone. I am one lucky kid :-)

Let's get it together people. For ourselves, our children, our families, co-workers and friends.It is not hard. It should be the ONLY way.


Sealed with LOVE

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Natural Cures, Cleanses and Products "They Don't Want You To Know"

As promised, here are the videos, below.

Part One

Part Two

Please stay tuned for Part 3 "Vitamins that work and my way of applying foundation"

If you are inteerested in purchasing any of these products, please email me at

Sealed with LOVE

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Secret

5:57 pm Wed March 7'12 (Starbucks Meeting)

Recently, i have been approached by women, young and older, asking, "What do you use on your skin ...what kind of make-up do you you have on foundation or just blush?"

Although i would like to think i had average looking skin prior to my surgery, it has definitely improved. Too often i blamed the occasional monthly break outs on "that time of the month." I truly believed that it had everything to do with that. The break outs were small but none -the-less, they were bothersome and in the way!

I spent many nights and too much time complaining with my friend Snoopy, about the "new" product i was using and how it gave me 3 pimples or dry skin or oily skin etc Snoopy and i can proudly say that for the most part, in the past 15 years, we have tried to stick to natural products. Were they always all natural? No. We have dabbled with most of all the high end products, none of which worked, and only found comfort and satisfaction in most of the lower end ones. Now, which products did we find most suitable for our skin, providing greater results? Well, i will name the 2 that worked best for me; Emu Oil and Vitamin E (Jameson)

However, none of these products prevented the small breakouts entirely. Not even the dryness. Considering they are both oil based.

As many of you know, i had brain surgery recently and have been put on a pretty clean diet. Today, if i could stand on a tower and tell the world what to do for beautiful healthy skin, that is what i would be doing. Instead of typing away lol. I no longer use the thick Vitamin E oil from Jameson or the Emu Oil. I have not had ONE breakout in just over 2 months and my skin blemishes have vanished.

 How long have i been blessed with this? Since days after surgery.

Was it the anesthesia or morphine? Most definitely not. Is it because the tumor has been removed? Uuum no lol. Was it the dilantin or one of the other MANY antibiotics i was taking? No.Then what was it?

Well, tune in tonight as i answer this question and temp to show you a LIVE demonstration of what My New Secret is... I will show you step by step what it is that i do and have been doing on a daily basis as well as "before bed time" since Dec 27th. Besides spending a lot of quality time reading, studying, planning and at home with the boys; laughing until my belly cramps. Love it.

Yes, the healthy eating and juicing twice a day has defiantly made a difference. But the trick here is, what i am eating, i am also applying to my skin. Huuuhhh? Your confused huh? I was i. At first.

See you later tonight :-)

Sealed with LOVE

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It is finally here...My Book Launch' Soiree Thursday May 31 2012

It's finally here....

The past 36 years of my life have been an amazing journey; filled with trials, tests, love and many forms of emotional roller coasters. Would i change any of it if i could? NO!
Every single person i have met, had a friendship with, worked with, volunteered with, shared with, had a connection / relationship with or maybe just a stranger i shared briefly with; have all impacted my life one way or another. Whether it was bitter or sweet, it was sweet.

I am grateful to you all for helping me to shape my life and helping me to discover
"Who I am"

It would be an honor to me, to see you at my book release soiree
Thursday May 31st 2012
The Vue Lounge
6:00 pm

It will be an evening of LOVE and UNITY!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Many Ask? Why Did MGM Grand in Las Vegas Burn?

I received this amazing email this morning from a deer friend; Sis Rochelle

God is still there despite any tragedy you may be experiencing. But why does God allow suffering?

Some of you may have already heard of this story and some may not. It was not recent. However still holds a lasting memory in the hearts of many. 
Distraught guests look on as fire engulfs the MGM hotel, Nov. 21, 1980. The fire alarm of the MGM could only be activated manually and there were no alarms located near the casino, which was where the blaze started. Guests learned of the fire either by witnessing the smoke or through word of mouth. 

by Billy Graham

On Nov. 21, 1980, when the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas burned, survivors were brought into the Convention Center, where our Crusade meetings were being held. In an interview, Governor Robert List talked about the good times at the MGM only 24 hours before. “And how quickly,” he said, “the music has stopped.”

Some day, for all of you, if you don’t know God, the music will stop. It will all be over. The Bible says, “It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

The Bible says that Job suddenly lost all of his wealth and his children. The devil said to God, “If You take all those possessions away from him, he’ll curse You and turn from You.” But God replied, “You can do anything to him, except you can’t kill him, and then we’ll see” (Cf. Job 1:11-12).

Job never asked why those things were happening to him. The closest he ever came was when he said, “Show me why You contend with me” (Job 10:2). Job was sharing his agony of spirit with the very God he could not understand.

Suffering carries a message of mystery. The Bible says, “Great is the mystery of godliness” (1 Timothy 3:16). When I was asked to explain the tragedy of the fire at the MGM Grand Hotel, I had to say, “There’s a mystery to tragedies like this. We don’t know the answer.” And we may never know until God explains all things to us.

For humans, there is a mystery as to why God created the earth. There is a mystery as to why He put people on this earth. But God has revealed answers through the Bible and through the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ. In the Bible you will find the answers to the questions and the problems of your life.

But man rebelled against God. Man said, “I don’t need You, God. I can build my world without You.” God said, “If you take that position, you will suffer and die.” Man took that position, and he began to suffer, and he has been dying ever since. Physical death is just the death of the body, but the spirit lives on. If your spirit is separated from God for eternity, it will be lost forever.

The Bible teaches that Satan is the author of sin. Sin is the reason that we have afflictions, including death. All of our problems and our suffering, including death itself, are a result of man’s rebellion against God. But God has provided a rescue in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s why Christ died on the cross. That’s why He rose from the dead.


In suffering there is also a message of compassion. Jesus said, “for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me” (Matthew 25:35-36).

As fire swept through the MGM Grand Hotel, I saw the emergency crews, the military people, The Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the doctors, the nurses and the people coming to donate clothes and food. I saw compassion in action.

In suffering there is a message of unity. Jesus prayed “that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You” (John 17:21). And that’s the way we ought to be as Christians, one in Christ. If you have been born into the family of God, you are a child of God. You are brothers and sisters.

Suffering holds a message of comfort. In Second Corinthians we read:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

Because tragedy happened to you, it gives you a greater sense of oneness with others who experience tragedy. You can feel for them in that suffering situation. Because we have been comforted through the Word of God, we in turn may be able to comfort others.

What should be our attitude toward suffering?

First, it should be one of worship. We ought to say, “O God, I believe You are the great and mighty God. I don’t understand all the things that are happening in my life, but, O God, I trust in You.”

Second, we should ask God to teach us all He would have us learn about Him, about ourselves, about others and how we can minister to those who are suffering.
Third, our attitude in suffering should glorify God. People are going to watch us as Christians. They will ask, “How is it that Christ is so in control of his or her life that he or she was able to help others?”

Jesus suffered and died for us on the cross, but God raised Him from the dead. Jesus Christ now sits at the right hand of God the Father, and He sees our suffering. He sees our life every day and knows exactly where we stand.

The Bible teaches that we are to be patient in suffering. That’s the hardest thing of all, to be patient, to have songs in the night. Ask God to help you have a trusting, patient attitude, and flee from bitterness.

In suffering there is also, I believe, a message of warning. Are you prepared to meet God? What do you have to do to be ready? God took the initiative in giving His Son, Jesus Christ. God says, “I love you. I want to forgive you. I want you to go to heaven.” But you must respond to Him. Find hope, peace, and security today.

God Bless You Sis Rochelle

What an awesome piece. Many of us needed to read this. I know i did.