Saturday, October 27, 2012

Believers Don't Beg!

I learned a long time ago not to beg God in prayer but to actually thank Him in advance for what He is doing and about to do in my life and the lives of those around me. It took me a long time to master this. I use to pray and say "God will you just take her out of this misery...God will you just help me with this situation? "I had very little understanding of the Word (Gods Word) therefore I was not speaking the Truth in prayer I was speaking only about the problem I or others were up against.

It took a LONGGG time to see that only immature believers pray the problem. I now know that as a believer, I pray the answer. I don't have to plead with God because I am speaking the Truth of His no begging! Once I gained this knowledge, my prayer life totally transformed. Just like it did that day i laid in that hospital room about to get my brain split open (a little graphic) I said "God you said in Your Word that the fruit of my body shall be blessed. I decree it to be so. I decree that your anointing shall be upon me right now in this moment...No weapon that has been formed or shall ever be formed against me shall prosper..." I did not have to beg, because Gods word says if we decree a thing, it shall come to pass. As a matter a fact as soon as i began to pray the fear disappeared.

Today, i chose to operate in Truth. When i decree something, it is already done. In knowing this, I am able to pray for many people at once (I rarely pray for myself for i believe that in praying for others, I receive whatever it is God has for me) I pray for an individual and then move onto somebody else. Don't get it twisted though, if what I am asking is not according to Gods will, then obviously it is not my choice, it is His. This is why i ask "according to thy will Father" and of course i ask in faith.

If i ask in Jesus name and i ask in faith, how can i loose?

I learned a long time ago as a believer not to operate according to my feelings. I operate in the realm of the Spirit according to Gods truth and plan for my life. I know the truth and i don't care what the enemy tries to tell me about myself or others around me or my situations at that. No matter how many times i / we have made mistakes, i / we know that our mistakes are our training manual to Gods calling in our lives. No matter what, i / we know that The Truth is going to straighten us out!

God does not want us to stand in pain or beg, He wants us to STAND ON HIS TRUTH!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Risky Are They?

As much as we hate to face it, our street youth are highly at risk?

Had i not answered Gods calling on my life, I too, would have ended up...well who knows!

There is never a day that goes by where I don't think about our youth and women at risk. My deepest desire is to travel the world making a difference and sharing my voice of healing with those who have given up or never had any faith to begin with. Every winter I get out into the cold and provide homeless men, women and youth with necessities to kepp them warm such as blankets, coats, hats, mits and socks. I do this because I know what it feels like to be left behind and if I can be that shining light in their dark days, then I jsut thank God for using me.

Street youth are predominantly homeless, or they live in highly unstable conditions. They come from different cultures and each have a different story but share characteristics that jeopardize their health and well-being. Street youth tend to engage in high-risk behaviours, such as unprotected sex with multiple partners or sex while under the influence of drugs, friends or alcohol.These behaviours obviously increase their risk of contracting and transmitting sexually diseases and infections.

STD's are more common in street youth than in general population youth. These youth report early initiation of sexual activity and frequent sexual activity. They also have many sex partners.
The average age at first sexual intercourse among street youth (both male and female) was 12 years, which is much lower than among youth in the general population (16 years).

Among female street youth, the average number of sexual interactions per week ranged from 3 with casual partners to 15 with paying partners. This is so disturbing. Among male street youth who reported recent sexual activity, the average number of sexual episodes weekly ranged from 5 with casual partners to 10 with paying partners. Statictically proven more then 95% of street youth are sexually active.

The social aspects of life on the street, specifically the unstable living conditions youth face, cannot be ignored. If each of us makes a difference, anything....I trust these conditions will improve. We can't sit back and just talk about this. If you know a youth in your neighbourhood, your child's friend, a neice or nephew...maybe someone in your church who may be at risk (they don't have to be homeless to be at-risk) then please stand up for that child and do something! As a mother, my heart cries for these children.

Providing the basic necessities of life, including affordable housing or shelter, and  Increased access to counselling / support may help street youth to address their drug use and addictions. You don't have to live in the slums / ghetto / or Ontario Housing to have access to this solution.
We have a voice, let's use it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fitness Boutique Studio VS The Gym

For the past 10 years I have been obsessed with the idea of getting back into dance fitness. The social aspects of dance help to make it very attractive for an increasing number of people versus, say, an elliptical training machine. Scientific studies are now also telling us that many things make dancing an excellent fitness regimen with attractive benefits. I love dancing but the truth is, I don't have much spare time to do it. My sister and I keep promising each other we will make time but unfortunately one month turns into two and then before you know it we made that promise a year ago (lol). But don't get me wrong, we still make time to dance in-front of the mirror when we're just hanging around the house together. We were born with dance in my bloodstream.

Well, just when I began to crave it most, I was offered the Business Director position  at Tease Fitness Studio in Cambridge. I am truly honored for more then one reason.

The PINK studio is a fantasy fitness space for women ONLY! A place where you can let your hair down, swing off your shoes and be your true YOU!

Tease Fitness Boutique was created to inspire an environment of health, personal greatness, fun and community. It is a stunning dance and fitness studio you can go to that is lighthearted, flexible and welcoming. So it was a no brainer for me to take the position. More and more people are going to the dance floor for a workout versus a gym. But I have the priviledge of doing it all there; work and work out (lol).

As many of you know, I am all about empowering women ohhh and PINK, so this position was made for me :-)

I find as I am climbing up in my late 30's I am beginning to loose interest in the gym or maybe it's always bored me and of course that results in resenting the very thought of going.. most days.. I am constantly trying new things to create that excitement while I am there, but it's just not working. Not even my pretty pink weight gloves or sneakers.When I was working out in gyms I was often plugged into my iPod or my reading material, following my own regimen.  None of it is working. Of course, balanced, targeted gym workouts can provide excellent fitness benefits as well, but for some people (like myself), the “fun factor” is missing at the gym. So I resulted to outdoor workouts by walking and running but where's the fun in that everyday? Yes I get to be alone and utilize the time for my conversations with God but I am still not "working out" as much. Simply because the gym bores me! About 6 months ago I purchased a membership to PBC (Paul's Boot Camp) however it was costing me $150 a month for boot camp classes ONLY! But at Tease Fitness Studio you get the whole package.

Tease Fitness Boutique has every dance and fitness class you can think of:

Hip Hop
Full Body Training
Boot Camp
Foxy Boxing
Kick Boxing
Abb Classes
Pole Classes
Cardio Strength Interval
Zumba... And much more!

Dance is also very good for balance, posture, it's a great aerobic workout, and it tones many different muscle groups.

Here are the Top Benefits of Dance Fitness:
     1. Flexibility is an important part of being healthy. Dance requires a great amount of flexibility. Most dance classes begin with a warm-up including several stretching exercises. Dancers must strive to achieve full range of motion for all the major muscle groups. The greater the range of motion, the more muscles can flex and extend. Most forms of dance require dancers to perform moves that require bending and stretching, so dancers naturally become more flexible by simply dancing.

2. Strength

Strength is defined as the ability of a muscle to exert a force against resistance. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer's own body weight. Many styles of dance, including jazz and ballet, require jumping and leaping high into the air. Jumping and leaping require tremendous strength of the major leg muscles. Ballroom dancing builds strength. Consider the muscle mass a male ballroom dancer develops by lifting his partner above his head!

3. Endurance

Dance is physical exercise. Exercise increases endurance. Endurance is the ability of muscles to work hard for increasingly longer periods of time without fatigue. Regular dancing is great for improving endurance, especially vigorous dancing such as zumba and ballroom dancing. Elevating the heart rate can increase stamina. Just as in any form of exercise, regular dancing will build endurance.
4. Our emotions
Emotional responses are common in dance and would rarely occur in a gym workout. The music, movement patterns and mental engagement involved in dance often evoke emotions. One study showed that breast cancer survivors who participated in a 12-week dance and movement program not only improved their shoulder range of motion, but also showed improvements in measures of body image and quality of life. 
5. The Heart 
Dance also can be a substitute for a cardiovascular gym workout. Depending on the type of dance, it can be an excellent cardiovascular workout when done regularly. It would result in the same health benefits associated with any form of activity that involves sustained effort in the target heart rate zone, such as improved cardiovascular function, lipid metabolism, endurance and body composition.

Fitness Boutique Studio VS The Gym...?

If you will apply your reasoning, there is no doubt that you will rush for a dance fitness studio rather than a gym. The best part is that the feeling on the dance floor is something divine, something you can experience only and not describe. Join TODAY and make the difference.