Thursday, October 24, 2013

Women Are Changing the Game!

I woke up this morning feeling like I could fly. Literally.

I was a special guest (what an honor) at The Canadian Women's Foundation Breakfast yesterday morning at The Metro Convention Centre and let me tell you I had the privilege of sitting at the head table with some amazing women who are literally changing the game for girls nation wide. Women like 'Sally Armstrong' who is a 3-time Amnesty International Canada award winner, a member of the Order of Canada, the holder of 7 honorary degrees, a teacher, journalist and human rights activist and let me add to that a funny and total down to earth gal. And sitting right next to me was the beautiful 'Mary MowBray' who is Co-Chair of the Canadian Women’s Foundation (, Canada’s national public foundation for women and girls,  Past President of Toronto CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) and has created a mentoring program through Toronto CREW for young women in Toronto’s commercial real estate industry. Those are just a couple of the phenomenal world changers I was blessed to chat and share with yesterday.
As I sat back and listened to these women present, I couldn't help but feel the need to do more. More for our girls and women all over this country who are living in total darkness with no sense of self-worth; in the hands of their abusers and monsters (as I called it-growing up). I mean really....are we doing enough? There is abuse and poverty happening right in our own backyards. When was the last time you walked up to a single mother's front door and placed a couple bags of milk there? Actually, I did it this morning. I try to practice this act of kindness as often as I can and after yesterdays event, I woke up with the pressing desire to do so-this morning.
As I look at what's happening in the world around me, I can't help but feel crushed. I am careful in turning my TV and Radio on - in fear of my little guy seeing commercials advertising half naked women or hearing music playing with provocative lyrics detailing how some guy 'wants to do some girl' and calling her by some trashy name. Just log onto Twitter and Facebook and browse through pages belonging to our youth and you will see how disturbing it all is. I am constantly running into Twitter accounts that promote sex and violence in one way or another. Human Trafficking is now taking place on-line on Social Media. I mean, did you ever think we'd live to see that? I didn't.
I truly believe that every girl is placed on this earth to accomplish something outstanding, something that only she can do. There is no other person in this world that can do that 'thing' the way she can. It is up to us women to ensure our young girls get a chance. She may have no other person in her world inspiring her to fulfill her destiny and purpose. That person may be YOU. 
Stand up and make a difference. Don't turn the other cheek. You don't have to be a Sally Armstrong to make a difference. She too, started with one small step.
I don't know about you but I am on board with changing the game!
I leave you with this amazing video taken from
Lilly Myers
"Shrinking Women"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Know He is the Man for ME!

What makes Him the right man?
Well, FIRST off He has known me my entire life and loves me deeply- this I know. He is a lover, not a fighter. He is gentle not harsh. He eases my pain not causes it. He's farrrr from evil. He is LOVE not hate. He is so easy to get along with. He doesn't ask much of me-but to just BE. He doesn't lie. He is the Truth. He has never asked me to do something that would destroy me. He gives me the freedom to choose. When the world turned me down and gave up on me, He was there through every second of it all.
He doesn't expect me to be perfect but sees me as such. He loves my imperfections and is always there encouraging me towards my purpose.  Although He is always the first to correct me; he does so with love. He doesn't expect me to be skinny, He just wants me to be healthy. He obviously doesn't want me sleeping around with some dude because He wants me all for Himself and wants the BEST for me. He expects me to wait for the best. Sex is NOT on His mind, all He wants to do is hold me and love me. He wakes up beside me every morning and tells me I'm beautiful. I sing sweet words of worship to Him as I feel His presence with me wherever I go.  His only desire is that I go to sleep every night with him on my mind.
All He wants to do is eat with me, walk with me, travel with me and in all I do he wants me to acknowledge Him. He doesn't ask for much- really.
Yes He is jealous and doesn't want me giving anyone or anything more attention than I give Him. He is protective and defends ALL my battles...ohhh boyyy does He ever :-) He expects me to be a lady and leave certain things to Him. He wants me to educate myself and be who He knows I have been chosen to be. He sees my destiny and encourages me to believe in it. He desires deeply for me to be faithful to him-always.
He constantly reminds me, "My Lizzy there are people in your life that will be there forever-as long as you are alive here on earth, that you will have to forgive over and over and over again. Not just once. Because they are apart of your life in some way, I expect you to continue to forgive them as I continue to forgive you." He humbles me-truly.
He does not chase me for He is confident in the man that He is and knows that I need Him.
He has given me the to keys to His Kingdom so that I may live a life of riches, royalty, simplicity, love and peace and a life free of from pain, lust, darkness and greed.
But above all of this, He did something that no other man would do; He died for ME!!!!
Mannn I tell you, He is the Man for ME!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Words from Lizzy

You are powerful BEYOND measure!

You are NOT a victim, you're a survivor

You have goodness and greatness in YOU

Don't settle

Don't be - just ordinary

You matter because you are here - PERIOD!

You must have faith. You MUST believe

Giving up is NOT an option

Blending in - is not an option

Nobody can do it the way YOU can

Will you fail? YES. Will you succeed? Most definitely!

Transformation is a journey- one that takes time

Don't look back

Don't complain

Control your feelings

Take control

Accept yourself as you are right NOW- before the NEW YOU exists

You are always unfolding

Create new thoughts patterns

Give yourself a chance

Run from what is NOT good and run to what IS good

Watch your words- words have incredible POWER

Think before you speak


Make peace with your past

Let go of resentments

Schedule alone time and don't cancel on yourself

Walk and talk with a purpose

Love and love HARD

Think thoughts of gratitude, joy, abundance and good memories

Make friends

Be a friend

Be grateful. Be kind

Be vulnerable BUT use wisdom

Learn- Be a student


Free yourself. Love yourself

You got a dream?? Protect it

God sees you. He hears each tear you cry.

He knows you by your name

You WILL heal. You WILL be restored

There's no test without a testimony

Believe and BE STILL

Like a butterfly, walk in beauty, always leaving a trail of light behind you, and like a butterfly, you too will KNOW VICTORY.

Believe In The Deva In You!
The Divine, Exalted, Victorious and Angelic in YOU!
Eat and live with a purpose