Friday, December 5, 2014

Healing Is A Journey

Would you agree that the world is constantly changing? And with all these changes, we've got to hold onto something greater than ourselves. For me, it's God. If you don't believe in God, well than bless you. Personally I am afraid of people who don't believe in God, but I bless them anyway and keep it moving. I am not here to judge.

No matter how much we've achieved, what we've accomplished, we haven't made it until we know God. I am so thankful I have that connection to God and I am totally God conscious. Because I tell you this, if I didn't come to know myself in Christ, I would have totally lost my mind a LONG time ago. Many times over and over again. 30 years ago, 25 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and maybe even just a few years ago. Because there will always be 'something' going on. It's life. It's how we grow. And me sitting here alive and well is proof- that there is real living God.

Let's talk about healing!

One of the first things I had to do in order to heal, was to 'tell the truth' about where I was. I had to admit to myself, "I am fearful, scared, insecure, hurt BUT I am excited about my transformation."

In each of us women / girls, lays a Queen. But it's a Queen in waiting. A Queen in training. So that means growth. You gotta grow your Queen. I am a Queen. A Queen who desires to serve a King. No, not a man - God.

I am constantly searching within myself to find the pieces in me that need mending, healing, growth and then the pieces that gotta go! Yes, we all have these.

Healing is like a Sports Game. Every athlete decided on which sport he's going to play- at a pretty young age. He decides on which is going to work for him not against him. If he knows 100% he is going to loose at this sport or totally suck at it, he doesn't desire to play it. You gotta choose a game you can master and then teach others to play. There are rules to every game. You got to see this like a Sports game. Sometimes you have to really swing at something; with all your mind, body and soul, and then go get it, run after it. But there's rules. First you gotta get to first base, than 2nd base and then 3rd base and then at last home run. It's a journey. You can't keep trying to win- your way. It's a process. Football players have to get to the end of the field by playing the game and going by the rules. They don't fly there in a jet. And if they break the rules, they get taken off the field.

Our problem is, we want everything fast. We jump from one relationship to another, We want fast money, fast cars, fast life. I tell you, if I knew what I knew 10 years ago; what I know now, oh boy!

How many of us really take the time to heal? Heal from our childhood stories and beliefs or past relationships? How many of us really understand the rules to dating / courting? If we really took the time to get to know someone, I bet most of us wouldn't even end up being with that person. I mean isn't that why it's called dating? It's a time to know who that person really is. This may take months or years but it's imperative for us to really see it as a new 'friendship' not boyfriend or girlfriend.

Healing is a journey I challenge you to look within and ask yourself, "What area of my life do I need healing" and start that journey TODAY. Don't bring your baggage to someone else's house. You attract what you are. What type of people, friends and associates do you desire to have around you? Well, you've got to first become that person.

Love, Lizzy

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What Is the Foundation of Your Relationship?

What is your relationship rooted in? Is it lust? Pain? Past baggage? Or is God at the center of it? 

This weekend my Pastor is teaching at his Relationship Conference on 'Healthy God Focused Relationships' for married and single men and woman. I tell you this, I am sitting here still in awww. I am going to include some of what he has been sharing with us the past couple days. 

The Kingdom of God is past, present and future.

As a single person, you're an ambassador for Christ. As a married woman or man, this is suppose to continue. You're still a single person in God.

Once we give ourselves to the Holy Spirit, we will live the lives we're supposed to live.

The world's #1 cry is justice and peace. But in the kingdom of God- it's a given.

Your relationship must be governed by the Kingdom. Please don't confuse this with Jehovah's Witness. That is not the Kingdom I am talking about. This is not religion. I am talking about The Kingdom of God.

You are not in a relationship with God. You're In God and He is in you. You can easily walk away from a relationship. You can say, "Oh I am not in love anymore and walk away. Or people cheat in relationships. God doesn't want us to be in relationship with Him because He knows humans are emotional and today you may wake up and decide you don't 'feel' like being in a relationship with God anymore or for a He wants to be in us. Live IN us.

Relationship have a secret. God holds that secret and so a relationship grounded in Gods word is a healthy relationship because they've unlocked the secret.

The world is searching for something in their sex life. So they go over to the dark side to stir up excitement in their relationships and start messing around with sex toys and tools; doing all kind of sick things to bring pleasure into their relationships. This is in the church too. When God is at the center of your relationship, you don't need to go over to the dark side for excitement in the bedroom with your spouse. Everyday in the bedroom will be like a new day- when God is at the root of that relationship.

Proverbs 19:21

You can make many plans for your life, but it's Gods plan / purpose that shall prevail.

To everything there is a season.

God created sex and created it with a divine season. The season sets a platform for the purpose to manifest.

Seasons allow purpose to manifest itself. Everything has a purpose. Your relationship must have a purpose or it's no relationship at all. 

What is the purpose of the relationship you're in?

Revelation 4:11

You are worthy oh Lord to receive glory and power, for you have created all things, and for your purpose they are and were created.

Everything in your life is suppose to represent God.

In the world (outside of God), people are people and their relationships are all the same. Whether it's Tom, Jim or Jane. It's dead works. God doesn't get any glory out of these relationships. 

A child of God doesn't live from anything that's coming from the world. 

A man who masters the temptations of his body will manifests purpose in is life. Ladies, go after this kind of man. If a man lives to masturbate, he is entertaining his demons. He will struggle to live a life that glorifies God.

Our lifestyle is what displays the Kingdom of God. Not our looks or the way we dress.

Anything that God gives to us He does so to receive glory. If God gives you a man / woman- if its truly Him that gave you that person, than that relationship WILL give God glory.

Sin makes a man a coward. When sin is dominant in your life, you want to run from God.

A man who doesn't love God cannot love his wife. Nope. He doesn't even know what true love is until he finds that in God. The world's way of love and Gods way are 2 totally different loves. True love is Gods love. This is the love we need to be seeking after.


Each individual  must know who they are coming into a relationship or it will NOT work.

I don't want to make this any longer. I just felt a deep desire to share this with some of you who won't have a chance to be there tonight for the last day of the conference.

I trust this somehow empowered you.

Love, Lizzy

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Love Letter

Have you ever written a love letter?

Ok, so maybe it's been a long time since you've written one but I am sure even if it was in grade school or high school, at some point you've written a love letter to a boyfriend or a crush. Maybe even your husband.

Now, I know this might sound frivolous or even challenging, but I am daring you to write YOURSELF a love letter. If being loving to yourself doesn't come easily, imagine a secret admirer is writing this to you. Or your mom, dad, best friend. What might they say to and about you? Something that would make you smile in return.

Loving yourself clears the way for others to love you and make you see what real love feels and looks like.

When you are finished with this letter, I invite you to post it somewhere you can see and read it everyday for 2 weeks or forever; as a reminder of who you truly are, what your purpose in life may be, what you deserve, all that you have overcome and survived, the difference you make in this world, the wonderful friends you currently have, all the things you are determined to accomplish and how much of a brave girl you were to walk away from toxic things and people in your life.

Now I will let you into my life a little and share with you:

My Love Letter:

Dear Elizabeth,

Wow it's been 39 years since I've known you and I must tell you, I think you are a pretty awesome chic! Like seriously I hope you know just how wonderful you are.

I think it's phenomenal that you enjoy spending quality time with your sons, family and friends. I just love how you spend your time on a day to day basis. I love how you got so hooked to reading from an early age and have self educated yourself on so many different aspects of life. As a young girl your favorite thing to do was read and write and although you dropped out of high school in grade 10, you never gave up those 2 things and you were always determined to go back. And you did!

I adore that you have such a youthful heart and you can be so silly at times. I also love your realness. You're bold and you've never been afraid to speak your mind. Geeze, I don't think I've ever even seen you get intimidated by anyone. Not in a boardroom or the streets.

Yes, ok, we all know how cute you are, but I must say, you have protected your mind, heart and body in the last 5 years and high five to you Lizzy. You see your body as a living temple and you know who's it is. You weren't always protective with it growing up in your adolescence and gave yourself away to the wrong men, BUT you found Christ and that all turned around. Without God, you KNOW it wouldn't be as easy to keep yourself from the wolves! I think it's so fly that you will NOT ever settle for a man (again) who doesn't KNOW God. It's absolutely so awesome that it's the FIRST thing you look for in a man / partner and if he doesn't love and serve God, you don't even look or think twice. I especially appreciate the strength of your commitment in turning every aspect of your life around in regards to choosing a lifetime partner. I love how you love yourself. Because you're simply perfect the way you are and you have so much to offer a relationship. Wisdom and knowledge- above all things. Oh by the way, remember God told you He was sending THE ONE, when you are right where He needs you to be- in your purpose :-) (told you so).

Your brain! Let's talk about how smart and wise you are. I respect that you have a strong opinion about purpose and destiny and how street smart you are as well. Because you know without that, you've would've fallen even deeper. I love that you never want to forget where you came from because it's what humbles you every day. You know who you are Lizzy. You know who's you are. You are confident with what you have to offer this world and what your calling is. And that my dear, rocks!

You are more than just a survivor. You are a leader! You are a walking testimony!

Mama I just want to thank you for letting go and forgiving. Forgiving yourself FIRST and for seeing those who have hurt you in the past as children of God. Thank you for loving them. Thank you for seeing the spirit behind their actions and not the person. It takes a courageous woman to do what you have done. To embrace them. Like how amazing of you. You're a great example to girls and women all over the world of what a free loving spirit looks like. An example to everyone that their current circumstances does NOT determine their final destination.

You've accomplished so much but I love how unsatisfied you still are. You want to do so much and yes yes you can get a little too busy at times but I've noticed you take less on your plate lately and are more focused on your true purpose; leading and empowering young women / youth. Because THAT is your calling Miss!

You've got great plans and BIG ideas and I believe that Gods Will- will come to pass in your life. After all, He called you- so He WILL prepare and provide you with all the necessary tools.

Ugggg has He failed you yet??? NOOO!!! And never will!


I love how much you love God. I love how often you speak to Him and ask Him for His guidance. I love how since the surgery, there isn't a day you wake up and praise His name. I love how you've allowed Him to do spiritual surgery on you- at the same time while the doctor's performed the brain surgery. Thank you for choosing Him as the man of your life. Thank you for seeing Him as your father, after your own earthly father abused and hurt you baddd. Because even though you've felt so unworthy of love and affection, you opened up and allowed Him to do what He does best, LOVE you. Now that you know real love, you are ready to LOVE!

I love you girl. Always and forever! You're my superstar!

Love, Elizabeth Correia

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Check Your Attitude!

I totally qualify to speak or write on this topic because I tell you, I struggled for years with a bad attitude. The worst part was that I thought there were valid reasons for my attitude. But I am here to tell you that there is NEVER good enough reason for it. Never.

For years, I made up many excuses that I felt were valid- for my bad attitude. Because of it, I lived my life making very poor choices and I became a 'runner' as my sister calls it. I was quick to snap and walk away and I was even faster at cutting someone off because things didn't go MY way. I believe my teachers got it the worst.

It's evident when a woman / girl doesn't love, trust and believe in herself. It will show in her attitude. That was me.

Your attitude affects your emotions, your health and your mindset. Some of us have so much of this poor attitude that it becomes extremely challenging when we get into a situation that actually requires us to have a good attitude #foodforthought

There are adults, mentors, teachers, counselors, pastors and people in your life that want nothing but good for you. Their there to encourage you. They believe in your gifts and they want nothing more than to see you excel. But you still see them as the enemy; mostly because they correct you. Most of us have become so familiar with struggle and pain, we forget what 'love' really looks like.

This message may be for you or someone you know and in that case please forward this post to them.

Don't allow your attitude to destroy your potential in doing something great with your life. It will block your blessings and it will prevent people of purpose to want to be in your space. Attitude brings on drama. Drama is ugly!


You don't even have to speak in order for others to see your attitude. Your body language says it all. Cut it out today! Bring your walls down and be vulnerable- yet use wisdom.

I am not asking you to be the best. I am asking you to be YOUR best. I am still on that journey and it feels great. I've come a long way but I've got a ways to go. I don't care what your story or background is, we all have the opportunity to kick our attitudes out the door. We will always face things we don't want to go through. Things will happen and you'll want to go back to your 'old' attitude and just quit. But quitting should NEVER be an option.

I challenge you today, to search within to the areas you have the most attitude; could be at home with your parents or partner, teachers, co-workers, church members or with your kids and really study your 'why'

Love, Lizzy

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hints for Effective Communication With Your Adult Children

If there is ONE thing I know I definitely mastered in life, it was and is the relationship between my 22 year old son and I. I thank God everyday for giving me the strength, wisdom and patience to be the mother he needs me to be- consistently. He has loved me unconditionally and his love is and has always been the reason I strive to rise higher.

Now in saying this, many of my friends and family have asked me how Keeno (my son) and I have managed to have such a healthy strong bond? Even throughout his teenage years, we had zero drama! My only answer to this is COMMUNICATION! I really don't know what else to say. Well, that accompanied with respect. I have always respected his space and his need to have his own voice. I may not agree with everything he says or believes BUT at the end of the day, he is an individual apart from me. He is apart of me, but we are not one being.

I want to share a few tips with you on how we've managed to be open and honest with one another. He has never feared me and he has always respected my advice and views.

Lizzy's Own Words of Advice:

1. Build a foundation of laughter and feel good moments:

There is no one on this planet that makes me laugh harder than my sons. No one! I mean, I laugh until I can't breath with them. Keeno and I have these moments at least 4 times a week- or more. Learn to have fun with your children. No matter that their age may be, they are the funniest beings on earth. They are so innocent and open to doing the silliest things. Embrace their desires to build a fort under the kitchen table and those days they just want to roll down a hill with you. Be present with your kids. When you become present with them, you will have some of the greatest moments of your life. If you have children, you shouldn't under any circumstance be lonely or unhappy.

2. Think Before You Speak!

Have I always mastered this? NO!!! However, I have learned through experience, that this is something many of us moms do not do. I am sure this is something we have all struggled with. As the bible states, "the power of life and death lies in the tongue" We can seriously harm our children emotionally (and others) with the words we use. My son and I have said things to one another that we wish we didn't. The most important part here is that we said sorry and didn't repeat the same mistake over again. I can count maybe 3 times in his whole life, this has happened. Of course our emotions get the best of us. Think before you speak.

Now the BIG one!


Half of communication is composed on what we send out. And the other half consists of the messages we receive. My biggest struggle USE to be- speaking over another person when I felt my opinion or what I had to say was more important. Believe it or not, my son is the one who taught me to LISTEN! I have watched him sit back and bite his tongue while disputing something- only because he wanted the other person to finish speaking. Those were lessons in my life about my own integrity. I've barely ever seen him angry or yelling (outside of 2 times). He simply speaks his mind in a calm and humble manner and does a fantastic job at getting his point across AFTER listening. If you want to have a healthy strong relationship with your children, you've got to hear them out. After all, they do have their own opinions you know. Who says you're always right? Not to say it's a right or wrong matter here. You've just got to listen more. Most of out children just want to be heard.

My FINAL one:

Trust and believe that your son / daughter will do a fantastic job in any and everything they do. If they don't, oh well. Did you live a perfect life with no mistakes? No you didn't. So let them grow up. Just as you are also STILL growing.

Love, Lizzy

Monday, August 18, 2014

Understanding Your Power!

I am back! It's been a minute...I know and forgive me please. I am all moved in and settled. I feel like the summer flew right passed me. But I am enjoying the little of what we have left by the waterfront.

Well, as I went on my morning run today, I began thanking God (out loud) for my power. I realized while running, just how much power we hold. Especially women. We tend to give it all away. Especially in relationships. Not that I wasn't aware of this 'power' before BUT for some reason, I had an AHA moment this morning. Love those.

I truly believe one of the ways to loose your power is through the ego. I must admit, it was something I battled with in the past and thank God for deliverance because I have come a long way- I tell ya. Not letting go of the past, keeps you from moving forward in power and in purpose.

Look, I am here sitting at my computer at this moment to tell you this; EVERYTHING is possible for you and if it's not, than it's just not apart of Gods will for your life. So if you're sitting there crying over a job you didn't get, that's because it was NOT apart of Gods purpose for your life. Get over it and continue with your power.

I don't think my father or mother ever had a dream for my life. I really can't imagine they'd sit there wondering what I'd become or picture me in a particular career. The quicker I could get out of high school and into a job was the only wish I know they had. It was the same desire they verbalized for my older brother. But, I am sure that's because they were too caught up with their own 'stuff' to care.

But I tell you this, I always knew I would not turn out to be anything like what the world expected me to be. I knew I held too much power to end up that way. How did I know this? It was my ability to get back up and brush my shoulders off- each time I got hit with something that pretty much had the potential to kill me. This started at the age of five. I believed with all my heart that there was something bigger and greater for me. I had no idea what the timing looked like. But I held onto faith. Even as a young girl I had an idea of what 'faith' meant. Thanks to my avo.

It's quite ironic that the call on my life was obvious because of what I loved as a child. I use to sit my dolls down in a classroom type setting and teach them. But I wasn't acting as an ordinary school teacher. I was counseling them. Telling them to hang in there. Asking them questions like, "who's hurting you? You can tell me...." I would sit there and pretend that my dolls were answering back. I'd imagine them as little girls telling me their daddy was hurting them or that their friend was hurting their feelings. I would also dress them up by making skirts and dresses out of my step mother's material in her sewing baskets. I was actually counseling and nurturing my love of fashion all at the same time. This started at a very young age. It was my escape from my real world. When I got a little older, in my teens, I would dream about being an author and writing books for abused girls. I'd often write in my diary about my desire to be a motivational writer- without really understanding what that meant. I only knew I wanted to help girls. All along, no one really knew 'my story' yet.

I encourage you today, to look deep within at the things that make your soul happy. What is it that brings you to life? Is it writing? Is it teaching? Is it volunteering? There is great power in you that needs to unleashed as the amazing Tony Robins puts it.

How do you discover that power?


Tell the truth about where you are RIGHT NOW!

Example " I am fearful. I am scared. I do not feel worthy. I don't believe in myself enough to do it" then say this out loud in front of a mirror, "BUT I AM EXCITED TO GIVE THIS MY ALL AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I AM EXCITED ABOUT MY TRANSFORMATION!!!! There is power inside of me that I need to share with the world!!!!"

Now get ready get set...GOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Message from Lizzy!

You're probably wondering "what's up with Liz?" LOL. Yes it's been about a month since I've blogged. I miss it and can't wait to get back on track. I am enjoying my summer off with the kids and working hard on a few upcoming projects I will be launching soon.

I will back in the blogging game in a couple more weeks. So don't give up on me :-) I have a long list of blogging ideas to write about, interviews with some amazing women and a couple or treats for you all.

I will definitely share my summer testimony with you soon. All I can say, as I always say, GOD is sooooo GOOD! Yes He is.

My message to YOU:

Do not judge your current situation as the outcome of the journey. Whatever is happening right now in your life, is happening for your own personal growth and for the blessing you're suppose to get out of it. Whether it's a lesson learned or for your own personal development and maturity. Maybe you're suppose to walk away from something toxic in your life and it's the only way God could actually get you to walk away.

I promise you, there is purpose in your pain!

If it's hard (your situation) than DO it hard!! Give it all you got.

Now do me a favor, go and stand up in front of a mirror. Like right now... Whether it's a bathroom mirror at work or maybe you got one of the little ones in your purse. Ok are you there???

Say this out loud:

Because I am a believer, I AM an achiever!!

I am a dreamer! And I matter!

I feel GOOD and I am wide awake. I am aware!

I AM a world changer!

I am NOT ordinary! I matter and I am unique!

Because I AM HERE!!!!

No matter what it is, it's not that serious. Live the life you were created to live. A life of PURPOSE! Whether you have 60 years left to live or 60 days, LIVE!!!!!

Love Lizzy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get UP and Do Something!

Can you imagine if you were to wake up and just do something? You would instantly achieve something. Like in that very second. Whether it was your laundry, an email etc.. When you complete a goal, you make progress, you build momentum but you also build self-esteem. If you made it apart of your routine, to wake up every morning and do something, you'd actually achieve something each time. Make it a conscious effort.

Dare yourself to set a goal for every day of the week, the moment you wake up (after you thank God for waking you). I would say whatever important task you can accomplish in the house, do it BEFORE anything else. Before your breakfast, before the shower...whatever it is, take Nike's advice and JUST DO IT!

I've been trying this lately and I am telling you it works. I even wake up half hour earlier just to make sure I get it done. So if I know I have a very important email to send out the next day, I wake up earlier to make sure I send it off. By making this part of my morning routine, I give myself a boost for the rest of the day. My achievement and progress rate goes through the roof, my momentum grows, and the feeling that I'm achieving something is constantly with me. 

The first step is to plan out, like write what it is you will need to do. This needs to be done the night before.

This is for my dear friend Colleen Miller:

How to plan?? So if you're faced with a decision of writing a book vs. doing laundry, start writing those chapters! Tackle the big things early in the day, and you’ll see that you still have time for the small things later. Those little things need to be on the bottom of the list. Seriously! When I was writing my book, I had to tune out on everyone and everything. I went to Starbucks most days to write because when I was home, I got easily distracted.

You don’t want any distractions, no TV, no radio, don’t check your e-mails, don’t check your facebook, twitter, Instagram or any social network. Stick to the task at hand.

Do this before anyone else in the house is awake. It is a life changing habit that is easy to start. Make this apart of your morning routine. Doing it every day helps you to stay motivated. Don't just do it once a week, do it every morning, daily. Everything else comes second to it.

So go ahead and start writing out your goal for tomorrow morning!

Love, Lizzy! Have a happy healthy week.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My New Found Love!

Wow juicing couldn't get any better!
I am not going to get into too much detail about my new found love. But please watch these videos and see for yourself how 26 fruits and veggies go from the farm to the capsule to my / your bloodstream!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lizzy's 5 Fashion Picks for the Summer

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't ever follow trends. I pick the look I like in whichever season I'm in and I just GO! I take ideas from different fashion trends and designers and most of the time, I create my own look using these pieces.

But, I wanted to share with you my own personal 'Must Haves' for this summer.


Doesn't matter who the designer is, whether it's name brand of not, this is a hot look this summer.

My All Time Favorite: Pencil Skirts:

Get out and purchase a couple of hot Trench Coats!

Bold Necklaces!

Last, but NOT least; Boyfriend Jeans!


Don't be afraid to create your own STYLE. It's about being creative and wearing what feels good to YOU!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Poverty and Girls!

For personal and business purposes I have been studying  and reading a lot of articles on poverty; both in Canada and all over the world. Of the one billion people,  living in extreme poverty, did you know that 70% of them are women and girls. Women are usually responsible for most of the hard work like- harvesting land, grinding grain, carrying water and cooking for the family and as we know carrying out these household tasks is a job in itself and makes them less likely to work for a paid wage. Many of these women have lost their working partners or husbands and as a result, their families are at great risk of becoming poorer. It's very disturbing and therefore their children are less likely to be educated and healthy

The sad part is, extreme poverty affects girls way more than it affects boys. Like as if we didn't already have it harder than them huh??... It becomes very hard for families living in poverty to send their daughters to school. I read an article yesterday that stated that in many countries men and boys eat before women and girls. This explains why girls are three times more malnourished than boys.

It is so amazing to see so many organizations investing in girls programs and education. Investing in them is one of the most effective way to break the cycle. I know first hand- when we are educated as girls, we grow up to much more confident.
Check out these facts:

•  For every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 15 to 25%

•  If 10% more girls attend school, a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) – a standard of living indicator –        increases by an average of 3%
•  Educated women are more likely to raise healthier, better educated children. This, in turn, will raise the economic status of the entire country!

•  When women own their property and generate income from it, they have more power within their households and communities. This power may make them less vulnerable to gender-based discrimination and violence

•  When household income is managed by a woman, it is more likely to be used for children’s education, food,      and health care.

You and I can work together to make a difference one step at a time. It takes a village to make a difference- remember? There are a lot of governments, organizations and institutions working to help people around the world overcome poverty. Volunteer your time- to make a difference. Big things happen because of volunteers all over the world. We are the core of change in most organizations.

What exactly is poverty? Plus more facts:

Poverty: The state of a person or community having little or no money, goods, or means of support, and being unable to enjoy the minimum standards of life.

Cycle of Poverty: Poverty is passed from one generation to the next. Poverty begins in childhood when babies are born into poor families. These children then grow into adults who have children of their own, and often these children are born into the same situation as their parents.

Facts on Poverty: Copied from Plan Youth

Out of the world’s population of approximately 7 billion people:

 •  Nearly half– more than 3 billion – live in poverty

•  1.4 billion people in developing countries live on $1.25 a day or less, also known as extreme poverty     

•  1.7 billion people lack access to clean water

•  842 million people do not have enough to eat on a daily basis.
Almost half of the world’s 2.2 billion children are living in poverty!

•  About 640 million, or 1 in 3, of these children don’t have adequate shelter
•  400 million, or 1 in 5, don’t have regular access to safe drinking water
•  270 million, or 1 in 7, don’t have access to health care.
Remember, here in Canada, a lot of men and women living in poverty were once employed, successful or stable. I've personally met many of them and have heard many stories on how individuals went from riches to rags!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What Do You Want from Life?

There are way too many people who set goals to work hard and make money to 'just' get by. For this reason, they don't seem to get anywhere or do anything truly worthwhile.

The main reason they live this way is because they haven't spent much time planning out what they want from life or setting formal goals. I mean think about it, would you embark on an unknown journey without some form of plan? Or with no idea on the possible destination? For most of us, the answer is no. SO they simply wake up and just follow their routine.

Setting goals is a powerful and worthy process for planning out your ideal future, and for empowering yourself to turn your vision of this future into your reality. These goals will help you to choose exactly where you want to go and how you can get there. So if your goal is to backpack across Europe, well you'll have to also set financial goals to make this vision come to life. You'll also want to include dates and plan what you'll need for the journey. It involves more than just stating what you'd like to do.

We also need to set goals on how to avoid distractions.

Why Set Goals?

The world's top achievers; athletes, artists, doctors, lawyers, performers, speakers and pretty much anyone who has accomplished more than the average- were and are BIG goal setters. Goal setting gave these achievers long term vision.  Let's face it- it also helps you to focus your time on worthwhile things. 

"If you don't decide how to live, you've already decided NOT to live" Anthony Robbins

How to Start:

  • First think of your 'BIG PICTURE' of what exactly you want to do with your life
  • Then break 'it' down into smaller and smaller goals that will ultimately get you to that BIG PICTURE
  • Once you have this plan, you start working on it by targeting those 'smaller' goals

 Setting Your Life-Time Goals:

First you must consider what is important you and what you want to achieve in your life, or better yet, in the next 10 years. This will give you an overall perspective that shapes your decision making.

Try to set goals in these areas:

Career- What do you want to achieve? What level do you want to reach? What projects do you want to organize? Awards you'd like to win? Partnerships you'd like to form?

Adventure- What are some of the exciting things you want to do or dream about doing? Maybe you want to learn to ski or visit Alaska (uuggg not me). Perhaps study another language or go backpacking across Europe. Only YOU know what those dreams are.

Physical- Do you desire to live a healthier lifestyle? If so, how will you accomplish this? Do you have a sugar or pop addiction? Do you want to loose or gain weight...maybe join a gym or a runners club?

Community - What are your plans to give back? Would you like to volunteer for a women's shelter or a youth centre? Maybe plan a fundraising event for a local animal shelter. Adopt a child?

Personal Development - Does your attitude need an adjustment? Do you struggle with unforgiveness? If so, what are some of the things you can do to change that? Do you want to take Etiquette classes or anger management workshops?

Family- Do you want to get married? If so, what are some of the values you hope to your future partner has? Do you want children? If so, how many? What kind of parent do you want to be? What will some of your house-hold rules be? Do you visit with family members often? If not, how many times a month or year would you like to see them?

Now select ONE goal per category in which you will achieve in ONE year.

Consider trimming your list down if you have to many goals. You want to be realistic. Remember this list is your 'Lifetime Plan' not short term plan.

Step 2: Set Smaller Goals

Now set a 3-5 year plan of smaller goals that you need to complete in order to reach your lifetime plan. So if one of your plans is to be 'motivational speaker' write down a few goals of what you will do to achieve this plan. Perhaps join a Toastmasters Club or start practicing in small groups.

Now once you've created this list, create a one year plan, six month plan and a one month plan of significantly smaller goals to reach- to achieve your lifetime goals.

Now in a separate notebook, create a daily To-Do-List of things that you should do NOW / today to work towards your BIG VISION.

Some of my smaller goals were achieved by simply reading books. For instance, for self-development goals, I read a lot of self-help books. You cannot leave the BIG goals empty or they won't be achieved. Plan plan plan....

Lizzy's Tip:

Remember to set time lines for each goal. If you want to start your own business, make sure to write down dates and the amount to do so, next to it. Make sure you give each goal a priority so that you can direct your attention to the most important ones.

When you've achieved a goal, big or small, reward yourself.