Friday, December 5, 2014

Healing Is A Journey

Would you agree that the world is constantly changing? And with all these changes, we've got to hold onto something greater than ourselves. For me, it's God. If you don't believe in God, well than bless you. Personally I am afraid of people who don't believe in God, but I bless them anyway and keep it moving. I am not here to judge.

No matter how much we've achieved, what we've accomplished, we haven't made it until we know God. I am so thankful I have that connection to God and I am totally God conscious. Because I tell you this, if I didn't come to know myself in Christ, I would have totally lost my mind a LONG time ago. Many times over and over again. 30 years ago, 25 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and maybe even just a few years ago. Because there will always be 'something' going on. It's life. It's how we grow. And me sitting here alive and well is proof- that there is real living God.

Let's talk about healing!

One of the first things I had to do in order to heal, was to 'tell the truth' about where I was. I had to admit to myself, "I am fearful, scared, insecure, hurt BUT I am excited about my transformation."

In each of us women / girls, lays a Queen. But it's a Queen in waiting. A Queen in training. So that means growth. You gotta grow your Queen. I am a Queen. A Queen who desires to serve a King. No, not a man - God.

I am constantly searching within myself to find the pieces in me that need mending, healing, growth and then the pieces that gotta go! Yes, we all have these.

Healing is like a Sports Game. Every athlete decided on which sport he's going to play- at a pretty young age. He decides on which is going to work for him not against him. If he knows 100% he is going to loose at this sport or totally suck at it, he doesn't desire to play it. You gotta choose a game you can master and then teach others to play. There are rules to every game. You got to see this like a Sports game. Sometimes you have to really swing at something; with all your mind, body and soul, and then go get it, run after it. But there's rules. First you gotta get to first base, than 2nd base and then 3rd base and then at last home run. It's a journey. You can't keep trying to win- your way. It's a process. Football players have to get to the end of the field by playing the game and going by the rules. They don't fly there in a jet. And if they break the rules, they get taken off the field.

Our problem is, we want everything fast. We jump from one relationship to another, We want fast money, fast cars, fast life. I tell you, if I knew what I knew 10 years ago; what I know now, oh boy!

How many of us really take the time to heal? Heal from our childhood stories and beliefs or past relationships? How many of us really understand the rules to dating / courting? If we really took the time to get to know someone, I bet most of us wouldn't even end up being with that person. I mean isn't that why it's called dating? It's a time to know who that person really is. This may take months or years but it's imperative for us to really see it as a new 'friendship' not boyfriend or girlfriend.

Healing is a journey I challenge you to look within and ask yourself, "What area of my life do I need healing" and start that journey TODAY. Don't bring your baggage to someone else's house. You attract what you are. What type of people, friends and associates do you desire to have around you? Well, you've got to first become that person.

Love, Lizzy