Sunday, March 8, 2015

What Are You Rooted In?

Roots make all the difference in the health of a plant, and their presence or absence ultimately becomes known to ALL.

The plant  either flourishes or fails, thrives or dies, blossoms or withers. The health of anything- whether a garden plant or a heart devoted to God- reflects what is going on (or not going on) under ground.

What is first in your life? What is it that you put first-always? Well, for me, it's God. Now don't think I am saying I am perfect here- I am not saying that- YET. I know I can be though but I am not there yet. I believe we need to develop a root system anchored deep in Him. Just like a plant with it's roots hidden under ground, you and I out of the public view and alone- are to draw from Him all that we need to discover our purpose and live this abundant life He has promised us (John 10:10).

As we seek a deeper life and love in Christ, we discover facts about our roots.

Our roots are unseen. Our spiritual roots are underground and invisible to our friends, family and others. Our desire is make those roots strong and fruitful.

Our life's primary purpose should be to want what others see of our lives- the public parts of it- to stir up awe and curiosity. Our integrity and strength in public should be explained  by what goes on in private between us and God. If we nurture what we are grounded in, people will marvel at what they see of God in us. They will desire whatever it is we are carrying and more of it. Everyone is attracted to light, and that is what you become, the light of the world.

Now this doesn't mean having the Martha Spirit. Being busy doing doing doing.... even if it means doing Gods work and being busy with ministry duties. This is being too busy-period. Whether it's ministry or work or family duties. I am sometimes- too often-guilty of this.

The truth is, the more time we spend in intimate study and worship, the greater the effectiveness, the power of your life that shows.

We've got to be still and be alone. You cannot be surrounded by people ALL the time and be as effective. In order that our roots grow deep in Him, God calls us away from the world. When we spend that time with God, we are able to hear His voice- clearly and more than the voice of others. This is where He makes the impossible-POSSIBLE!

Jeremiah 17:7-8 tells us that the person who trusts in the Lord shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out it's roots by the rivers. Can you imagine having roots collecting life-giving waters...and the qualities one would exhibit...?

My pray for you is that you (and I) will bear fruit faithfully! That you will be like a tree of life-producing in and even out of season.

When we develop this strong root system, no matter what may come our way, what trials or crisis we may face, we WILL have the strength needed to stand firm in spite of the pressure.