Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Found God When I Lost My Religion

I struggled for many years not knowing the difference between religion and God. I mean, I knew what I felt during worship and while praying. I knew God was real and present and spoke to me often. But then I was confused by all the 'rules' the church folk often spoke of. Like how women aren't suppose to wear pants and it's not right to wear jewelry and our hair / head must be covered while in worship. I mean I can go and on. That was the part that really confused me. I knew deep down inside that all of this had absolutely nothing to do with God.

God is simple.

The world has God trapped up in a box and this is why the 'church' (the people) are suffering and confused. I was one of them- so I know.

It took some time but God was awesome enough, as He's always been, to send a man into my life to teach me about the true living God. My pastor ( Boby Somers ). He did so by opening up my heart to the Kingdom message:
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things will be added unto you -Matthew 6:33

The message that transformed my life in every aspect. All these years, the church spoke about serving God in order to get to paradise. And I swore they spoke more about getting there- then they did about experiencing God here on earth-while still alive. But what I needed at the time, while broken, confused, hurt, angry, in debt, depressed and ready to give up on God, was something more. I needed to discover what my purpose was and why I was here. I needed to heal. I needed to know what to do with all my pain. I needed to forgive. I needed joy, love and peace. I wanted a discipline to pattern my life by. What I was getting for so many years was NOT that at all. I was identifying myself with a denomination- NOT God. How could I represent God if I am identifying with something (religion) that has nothing to do with Him or who He is or even what He created. Identifying with God liberated me to live in the order He requires me to live in. In total freedom where I can function from a place of purpose.

Religion promised me something that 'it' could never give me.

God promised me LIFE and He gave it to me; free from pain, confusion, drama, pain, depression and unforgiveness.

Through my pastor's teachings and the word of God (the bible), I was able to completely transform my mindset. Through the kingdom message, I received peace of mind. I began to understand who I was because I knew Who's I was. I am a King, therefore I am suppose to live like a king.

I received healing in areas of my life- I had no idea needed healing. I discovered my purpose through my pain and wanted nothing more then to spread His love and light in the world. Each and every day was and has been beautiful.

Kingdom living is LIFE. The Kingdom of God is not a place. It is within us. Each of us. When we live the way we ought to live, the same pattern that Jesus lived His life, all things will be added unto us.

I welcome you to watch this short video clip describing 'Kingdom Living Now' Please watch and listen with an open heart. Shut out the negative thoughts and noise. Be still... because I promise you-this has nothing to do with religion.

Religion is bondage and that is exactly where I was coming from. Today, I am healed and delivered. My only purpose in life is to serve Him. Because through Him, I am able to do all that I do-with a smile on my heart. Only God!

Kingdom Living Now

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