Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Light of this World!

My light, yes 'my' light...is the truth. It's the God that abides inside of me. The God inside of me is truth and truth is light and God is light, so I am light!

The truth is God is our Father
The truth is we are sons of God
The truth is EVERYTHING God says we are, WE ARE!
No, I wasnt always this FREE. But now I am. Because truth has 'made'me free! Ohhh what a feeling.
Seriously...I mean while thousands of people were our poppin bottles this weekend and screaming at the top fo their lungs- watching and worshipping 'all star' celebrities that have no idea who they are and if they do, it's only for a night or two.. breaking their bank accounts to rock the latest red bottoms, hustlin to get into the VIP sections at the clubs and perhaps even looking for their new found love.. I was home with my family popping jokes. I woke up Friday, Saturday and Sunday feling like I was partying for Jesus. Oh what a party!

And no I am not acting all bran new- for those of you who are reading this saying "oh Liz acting like she wasnt out here with us years ago...." Yeah I hear you and guess what? I was in my 20's! Yes I once was lost too. Been there, done that so I know all about the hustle, all about the game and all about the world. I have no regrets because it was all apart of my purpose. But there comes a time where we gotta just 'throw our hands up in the air' and surrender.!

Truth is not laying up in a man's bed. Truth is not up in the club. Truth isn't is all those material things we chase after. Truth is God and God is truth. And once I knew who's I was, I knew WHO I WAS! And if I am light, than I gotta be the light. Knowing this changed 'the game' for me! That's how I became a hustler for Jesus!

The most intelligent , beautiful, loyal, giving, humble and FINEST man in this world chose ME! Did I mention His name? Yeah and what????

Know who you are, so that you may know who you are NOT!

Friday, February 12, 2016

"How Do I Find My Purpose?"

Have you ever asked yourself, “how do I really know what my purpose is?”

Look, God created purpose before He created person.

The bible states that we’re the workmanship of God. So, we’re perfectly designed and crafted for a purpose. I mean everything He’s created was created with and FOR purpose. Think of the trees. The cows. The lakes. The fish. Ohh and let’s not forget bee’s!!
Everything about you was created for a purpose. Your struggles, your past, your story…it’s all a part of your blueprint. Trust ME!

Frustration comes when a person is not seeking and walking in purpose. This is where the devil wants us. This is where he traps us. Then all of a sudden we feel lonely, sad, unworthy, left out, not good enough, not smart enough, too old, too young, too white, too black, too poor, too skinny, to thick… and all these things lead to depression and that’s exactly where he wants us; because in a state of depression, you do nothing! Your body is still here but you inner being is dead.
Remember, the average person dies at 75 but stopped living at 25!
The devil’s job is to ‘kill, steal and destroy’ and that is his only mission. He cannot ‘GIVE’ life so his job is to make sure he takes it!
Your primary purpose is to seek God and ONLY in and through Him, you’ll discover your secondary purpose.

If you think your purpose in life is to get married or have children, that is not so! If it’s a desire, that’s different. It may or may not be a part of your destiny. Your only purpose right now should be to ‘be’ the best version of YOU! Work daily towards that and in finding yourself, you WILL discover your gifts and passions. And your passion is what you will use to serve the world.

When I began to seek God and know God for myself, I started seeing and believing exactly what He wanted to do in and through my life. That did not happen overnight. I worked diligently on recreating that little girl who lost herself at the age of five. It took time BUT it has been the best time of my life and I can only imagine what’s to come!

Purpose = Your Supreme Reason for Being
Love, Lizzy