Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Secret to Living is Giving!

'Pay if Forward' is a title to a movie but the concept has been around from the beginning of time.

The gift of life was given to us so that we can return the favor. When you give you release a kingdom principle in your life.

As the author of 'If You Played In My Playground' I know 100% that I received the gift of life from God to write this book on purpose for purpose; to pour out my trials, struggles and breakthroughs so that my process of transformation would work in your life (the reader) so that you may be complete within yourself.

I did not write the book to just 'sell' a book. My desire was to restore hope into the lives of many women, men, boys and girls all over the world who have simply given up or lost a sense of hope. It's not just ink on a paper, it's the written expression of a true living God- inside of me. What made me a believer was what He was able to do with my story- my mess. And in return I just want to pay it forward...

We all have a playground filled with unique stories. Imagine in Iraq right now; what their playground looks like; a war zone.

Sometimes that 'thing' in your life that can be your greatest gift, that also first presented itself in a moment of pain- it isn't ideal or picture perfect and all you want to do is give up, but on the other side of that 'thing' is where your victory is at.

The thing that hurt me the most is the very thing that I am using to help people today.

What is the 'thing' you have that you can give? Is it your story? Your time? Your resources or money? Is it your smile or a listening ear? Find it and give it away!

Love, Lizzy

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Do You Focus Your Thoughts On?

There are two things I instantly think of when I think of the 'old me' and that is ego and anger. Because I had so much stored up inside of me, it only took a second for my ego to rub me the wrong way. This was a big problem of mine until I began practising self-awareness and mindfulness. I am still a work in progress as it's a lifetime journey. As I hear daily, I apply daily.

Self-awareness is observing your emotions, thoughts, breathing, eating, your words, working and so on- while continuing to be aware that you are doing these things. In one simple sentence, self- awareness FREES us from suffering.

The most valuable thing I learned on my journey to transformation was that I could stop alowing my mind to run me. You're probably doing it right now while you read this! If you don't watch and observe your thoughts closely, your mind can get you into a lot of mischief. 

Ok, let me put it this way, you know how easy it is to watch the actions of others? Well, it's one small step from watching YOUR thinking to watching your actions and the actions of others.

How do we do that? Pay attention!

Don't just look up at the clouds, observe the clouds. Don't just look at the birds, observe and LISTEN to them. Don't just breath- smell the air! Don't just stand in the shower thinking about the office, your to do list, the kids, your bills, stand there and FEEL the water tapping on your skin. Don't just cook your food, smell the food. Take it ALL in. 

Can it be that simple? Yes, you are NOT your mind. They're separate. So you have the power to control it. Tap INTO that power. It lives inside of you. When you remove the blinders, you experience a wholesomeness that brings with it- inner peace.

Thoughts lead you further and further from living authentically in the present moment. Each time you become aware of SELF, you strengthen self-awareness.

Lizzy's Word:

Be mindful of the places your mind wanders through!